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Author Topic: Riley Lee - Mansfield  (Read 1391 times)

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1 hour booking - £120

I decided to see Riley Lee as a last minute punt. I tend to do most this way unless attending a party. Put simply i was horny and went looking round AW.
I have been noticing the very good reviews on here of the parties that have been happeing involving Riley and LucieBee and seeing as there isn't one for a few weeks thought i would give Riley a go.
Got the phone number off AW and unfortunately the first few times i rang it went straight to voicemail so i thought ah well and had to carry on working anyway. Got back to my car about 40 minutes later and had a missed call and text saying sorry missed your call. I don't know many WG who ring back first time customers so rang and she picked up straight away. Enquired if she was free in about an hour which she was and address would come via text. Then something surprised me. Usually i find if you want a girl to dress in a particular way or do something you have to ask, but no, she asked me and i was just after a nice GFE and on this occasion and wasn't to concerned about what she had on. She said she would surprise me with a nice cheeky giggle.
So i make my way there and parking on this day was remarkably easy. There are plenty of permit bays around the address but i luckily found a general one just at the end of the road.
Txt her to say i was there and was told 5 minutes as i was a little early. Bang on five minutes later i was walking over after getting the nod and the entrance is on the back of an old set of terrace houses.
She opened the door and wow, she is an extremely good looking girl. If you like boobs or ass i recommend a visit. In the end she had put on a fish net dress and a pair of high heals and that was it. Nipples stiicking out and a nicely shave pussy on show. Suffice to say i was hard in an instant. She has a beautiful smile and a very nice all over tan.
Once the paperwork was sorted a drink was offered and i had a quick shower as i had been at work. As i had requested gfe initially we lay talked for few moments then some of the best DFK i have ever had from a WG.
After kissing and cuddling i asked if i could go down on her which she enthusiastically accepted. Her pussy was so tasty, fresh smelling and extremely smooth. She started moaning and groaning i think for real as if it was fake she deserves an oscar. When giving her oral though i recommend you hang on to her though, her hips buck around quite a bit.
After giving her a nice orgasm we swapped round it she gave me some OWO. She's the type to get between your legs so she can look you right in the eye which i find a real turn on. She has a very smooth action and is by no means a lick the tip and wank type, she takes it all.
We then wrapped up and she started on top. It was a very impressive sight seeing her tits flying about with more DFK to go with it. We then moved onto doggy and at the end of the bed is a mirror and she was ok to do it on the floor. Watching her tits flying about as i hammered away was magical. We then moved around slightly so i could see her tits from the front and i was not dissapointed. There followed me giving her a bit more oral then missionary where her enthusiasm seem to never end. A bit more doggy followed and then i finished with a nice wank over her lovely tits.
I like to think she enjoyed as much as i did. I had another quick shower and a quick chat as i got dressed and when i got out realised i had been in there for over the hour.
I am now going to spend this week trying to resist going again or booking a duo with her and LucieBee but i don't know whether i will be able to hold out.
If you are in the area i definitely recommend seeing this girl.

30 review(s) found for Riley-Lee linked to in above post (30 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline GolfNut

Nice first review thanks matt

Riley's a good girl indeed. I've only seen her in duo's with Lucie but she seems to have grown in confidence between my first and third visits. She's still a relative newcomer and is quite young. I think working with Lucie and Kylie has built her confidence and taught her a lot.

Glad you had a good time with her, and can certainly recommend Lucie and Riley as a duo. You'll need to eat plenty of weetabix for breakfast before you go though.  :D
Banning reason: Undesirable

She's nice isn't she? I enjoyed Riley and Lucie together earlier in the week and they work really well as a team. I had intended only to see Lucie, but as I don't get over there very often, I just thought, 'hell, why not?' and I'm glad I did. Great DFK, great tits and her eye's..........

Review will be up later this week.


Offline pictisunum

Very good review Matt.  All the necessary details and a good impression of Riley and her approach.  So many good WGs in the EM at the moment, my HL is bulging!

Really good review - she is right on the top of my HL at the mo..

Already booked to see her again tomorrow  ;)

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