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Offline agnosic

anyta xxx 01 - Leicester

1/2 hour incall - £50


I knew I was taking a risk with this one, but for some reason I liked the look of her pictures and she sounded nice on the phone. What a mistake!

The house was easy to get to and on a fairly quiet street with plenty of parking. It was a bit messy inside and the smell of stale cigarettes was a bit off-putting, but Anyta was better looking in person than in her pictures, so I was happy enough when I arrived there.

Things started to become more underwhelming when she took her clothes off and sat on the bed. She asked me to lie back and she immediately put on the condom and started performing oral on me. I asked if I could touch her pussy and she begrudgingly allowed me. I then asked if I could give her oral and she was not keen but she let me lick her for about a minute. Then she lay on her back and asked me to get on top.

The sex was probably the worst I've ever had. She just lay there, completely motionless. She obviously couldn't wait for it to be over and was so disinterested it almost stopped me from cumming.

Anyway, my advice to anyone who's tempted by her cheap prices and photos is - avoid at all costs!

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Offline Knny

Thanks for the warning and better luck next time.  I also called her as I was interested bit there was something about her telephone manner that put me off.  She's based off gypsy lane I think.

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