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Author Topic: Angela London: obviously very busy....  (Read 650 times)

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Haven't seen her before: made all communications via text, which she was happy with.


After booking 3 days ahead, I had to cancel with 24 hours notice due to being ill: the advance notice appeared to be appreciated and I agreed to try again when I was feeling better.

That was when the weather was pretty damn nice down in London.  Agreed a slot a few days in advance, only to be given an hour delay an hour beforehand, as 'the weather was too nice'. Didn't fit with my schedule, which I was committed to once the appointment was agreed, so I agreed to try again.

Which I did: agreed a date and time via text for two days hence: only to be texted the next day asking if I was still coming.  I reminded her that it was the following day, rather than that day, which was all reconfirmed via text and seemed to be fine.  Texted to reconfirm the next morning, in advance of the meet, only to be told that I hadn't reconfirmed and as a result she'd double booked and had a confirmed AW duo booking instead.

At no stage did she ever suggest I should do anything other than via text, and there was never any suggestion that AW booking had to be used, until the end.

If she wants to only book through AW, then state so.  If she wants to see regulars as opposed to new clients, say so.  Otherwise, I don't appreciate being messed about.  Shame, as I was looking forward to this meeting. She seems to be well regarded, and is apparently very good looking.  Just appears to have forgotten she works in a service industry.
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13 review(s) found for Angela Divine linked to in above post (8 positive, 0 neutral, 5 negative)

Offline marble15

She's very money oriented and she doesn't hide that. I pretty much got scammed/deceived by her, See my negative.

That being said she is really stunning and the service was decent albeit the two points above and the few on my review on her.

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