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Author Topic: xoxoCamilla - Lincoln  (Read 632 times)

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xoxoCamilla - Lincoln

1hr incall £90


So, I'm browsing on AW, a bit bored and randomly searching when lo and behold I find a young Norwegian lady over in Lincoln. She's a student and kind of alternative looking, which I like, and probably my only chance for some Norwegian Blue so decide to pay her a visit.

I message her on AW and she gets back very quickly. I'm never going to be passing Lincoln but I've got a work trip that I can tack an extra long detour on so we fix a date. I explained that I'll need a bit of flex but she's ok with that and I'll text her on the day once I'm travelling, which I did.

The location has parking closeby and is near to the award winning Burton Road Chippy if you feel a bit peckish afterwards. Once I got there I texted for the address and walked round to a quiet terrace. Camilla opens the door to the front room which I find is her bedroom.

She's got blonde hair with some dark roots, a black frizzy tutu type dress (in the photos) and is quiet but has a welcoming smile. The room though (and the house in general) is a bit of a tip. It's a bit like someone's decorated by throwning a hand grenade into a dustbin but I was a student once and at least the bed's clean. There's also no sign of any heating but never mind, we're going to find another way to keep warm!

I hand over the cash and move in for a snog. She seems a bit unsure at first but soon gets into it and before too long the dress is off and she turns her attention to my cock. It's a lovely view watching Camilla's blond head bobbing up and down on my English Wood and before long I suggest a bit of RO which she seems to enjoy and I know I did. :)

It's time to fuck now so she covers me up and we start off in mish, followed by doggy and I then suggest she go on top in cowgirl. Like a few larger girls I've met I don't think it's her favourite but she said ok and fair play, she went for it! It was frenetic and when she started to get tired I got her to lie down on me so as her big tits rubbed up and down my chest I popped my load big time! :)

By now she's a bit more chatty and we ended up talking about all sorts of stuff for ages until eventually we started to feel the cold and decided to call it a day.

So, choose a warm day, ignore the mess and think "Wow, I'm shagging a Norwegian student!"


2 review(s) found for xoxoCamilla linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline gary03

Yeah she loves her gfe.she could win eurovision for french kissing.if you like em a bit plump & big tits she will be right up your street.she is a smoker but overall well worth a pop in uphill lincoln

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