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Author Topic: -SENSUAL-MASSEUSE- Nicole  (Read 1249 times)

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Online Corus Boy


Two things sent me off to see Nicole;

1. snaitram99's review.
2. Her happy smiling face in her Profile Pictures.

So I booked in for an hour treatment today, comms were good but they were all by text.  Nicole speaks English but obviously prefers text as her main communication.  All texts were to the point, my first text was answered and told me the prices and asked if I had 'any other wishes?'

Reply came with what she offered and that it was in the price, B2B, HE and topless in knickers.

Time agreed Nicole sent me perfect directions as to where park, what to do next and instructions to text her for her apartment number from a particular place. I presumed that she could watch me from the apartment and reject me if she didn't like what she saw.

Instruction were followed and a text came back immediately telling me the way in, the apartment number and the floor number.

All worked well and in a matter of minutes I was in Nicole's treatment room, told to undress and lie face down on the bed.  The room was at a nice temperature, bedding was clean and fresh, lights were low but sufficient.  By now Nicole had stripped down to her knickers and was filling the oil warmer, a nice sight and aroma filled the room.  The nice touches were;

Clean sheet, you could smell the fresh washed aroma.
Lots of tissue sheets all laid out on the bed, ready for use by both Nicole and myself.
Nicole asked if I had any 'back issues.'
She also asked if there were any muscle groups that I wanted paid attention to.

Now as regular reader know I am a fan of Ban S and Broadway, there is no comparing Nicole to Broadway as sex is not on offer.  But her service can be compared to Ban S.

The differences are Chalk and Cheese but there is nothing wrong with either.  At Ban S the massage is a gentle intro to the tease and Happy Ending.  With Nicole you are getting a massage, then the disc is turned and you get your Happy Ending.

So with Nicole I had a very good/excellent massage for 45 minutes, there was some B2B with nipple work but otherwise it was a hard, enjoyable and refreshing massage, only during the last couple of minutes did the firmness changed to a back tickle but no intimate teasing.  Nicole used the tissues to mop up the oil on my back and then asked me to turn over.  At this point there was no tickling or teasing, Nicole moved on to a gentle and oily hand job, I will add that at this point I wasn't hard, very relaxed and satisfied from the massage but Nicole needed to work on getting me excited.

The hand job was very good, tender and oily until I came when Nicole cleaned me up.  I was not rushed to leave, just allowed to lie there and recover.

So it was a complete opposite to the service I have received at Ban S, not bad just different.

I will return because the massage was so good, Nicole is very pretty and nice to look at.

I will also continue to visit Ban S because I really enjoy the extended tease.

So Nicole is well recommended.

Final nice touch!  Nicole made sure that I knew the was back to the lift and reminded me what floor to get out at.

5 review(s) found for -SENSUAL-MASSEUSE- linked to in above post (5 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline snaitram99

She's definitely much better on the eye than most of the Ban S ladies (wish she'd ditch the braids though). I'm still not convinced she's the "professional masseuse" claimed but it was a pleasant enough way to spend some time and money. Also as you say very well organised as regards comms and directions.

Asked her about how often she come to Cardiff and she said something like it was when one of these places becomes available. There's a thread elsewhere which includes mention of "serviced apartments". It generated more heat than light in terms of what is included, but I assume she is taking a short term let of this nature.

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