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Author Topic: Ban Sukanee  (Read 999 times)

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I was looking forward to this as I like a thai massage with HE

However as soon as I got in the cubicle the lady seemed cold. I asked her name....she said I don't give my name to customers. Bad start...and it got worse when she placed the towel over my arse. I live in Thailand 3 months of the year and this was a sure fire warning I was gonna get jack shit outta this transaction.

The massage was poor and the lady at no time engaged in banter or any bodily contact that could have indicated that a HE was gonna happen. Anyway I rode out the poor massage until I got asked to turn over. She even asked me to place the towel over me again making sure Mr todger was hidden.

At this stage I was fuming as I had read a few reports thinking this was going to be good.

I then pointed south and gave the hand signal and asked if she would take care???

Noooo she replied this is not one of those massages!!!

What's going on guys?
Tell me I went to the wrong place?
I would seriously go back if someone tells me the secret signal and a name of a compliant thai bird there as it's just round the corner from.work.

Anyway please tell me of a decent thai massage with HE or other extras please.

There is no excuse whatsoever for a poor massage, and refusing to give her name is simply rude - she should have given you her nickname as most girls don't use their real name in any case.

With regard to HE I guess it's a case of some girls will, some girls won't. Best to check on arrival; or better still, go somewhere else. Happily there are other Thai massage services in South Wales which have been favourably reviewed on UKP.

Yes I shall have to do some investigation.
I wish it wasn't such blurred lines. I know they have to keep a low profile but it would be nice to know if you go you don't have to wait and see.
As for the rudeness...I just let it slide, she obviously didn't want to be there and she is not temple trained like a lot of the massage girls. Her technique was not good enough.

The temple in Bangkok that most of the girls I have known in the past is very good and they are proud of their training.

Offline snaitram99

You'll have to ask Corus Boy for tips how to get the best out of Ban Sakunee, but use of towel doesn't always exclude HE. Maybe you were just unlucky on who you saw or who else was about (although would have expected a good massage anyway, even if nothing else).

One thing, though, asking beforehand on phone or in reception is bound to get you a no, or so I've been told.

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