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Author Topic: BBWFiona of Hatfield  (Read 428 times)

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BBWFiona of Hatfield

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So I have seen Fiona maybe 3 times. Her fee was listed as £100 per hour when I first visited, and she raised it on her profile to £150 per hour. On subsequent visits including this one I did not refer to this rise. I simply gave her £100 each time which she accepted without comment. Even on this last visit I was made very welcome so that is a positive. We did not watch the clock. I only looked at the time when we had finished and I was dressing. No rush ever.

She had added a duo friend to her profile who never turned up.

So when I first visited the apartment was untidy. She claimed it was since she had emptied her son's room to repaint or some such story. Each time it was more chaotic and this time even worse and messy and the bathroom and bog were filthy. She had 2 double beds crammed into her room and we went on the one with no duvet on a cold morning. Not a pretty environment.

I was greeted nicely and snogged nicely but we never got it properly together. I found her fat without being sexy whereas previously I was turned on. I fingered her and was told I was being rough. I tried to lick her and could not get my face into position because of obesity and lack of agility. She did not smell or taste nice. Her breasts were indeed floppy whoppers but either flopped out of reach or got in the way although I did get and give some pleasure sucking nipples.

I asked her to suck my lollipop which she did but she was rough with her teeth and rough with her fingers. There was as we went on, more hand jobbing while sucking, and this is the crux of the matter. It was so rough that the bell end of mister happy grew a blister and there were a few drops of blood evident afterwards. He needed first aid when I got home. (Calendula cream is good for abrasions).

I asked her what position would suit her and I knew she liked being on top and worried that she would flatten me because she could not get her legs to bend enough for this. In mish I could not get over her belly and then the last frontier - doggy had been great before but she said she had a bad knee and could not do it. We tried several positions on and off the bed. I had lost the attention of mister happy so I asked her to suck and she did also helped with her hand until I was hard enough to try mish again. I made it, but had to work very hard to make for a happy ending, and the result was the blister.

From my peculiar point of view she has a great body to look at and vast haunches and boobs but this time it became cumbersome and impractical and the arousal and fun was hard to achieve.

2 review(s) found for BBWfiona linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Bit scared that you might be my dad. Calendula cream was a staple in my homeopathic house.

I only used a very small quantity.

Bit scared that you might be my dad. Calendula cream was a staple in my homeopathic house.

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