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Author Topic: The twins are back  (Read 2086 times)

6 review(s) for Andy Apple (6 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline azrael

The lady  in question: 
https://www.adultwork.com/3390605 or https://www.adultwork.com/Andy+Apple

1 hour  incall: £100

The hostess: Andy of the apple twins

The venue: private apartment Birmingham  city centre

The twins have been mentioned on here before, so when they popped up again I had to pay andy a visit on her own. Largely for the fact she was more into me/freakier out the two.

Facially:  Andy-  9/10 (my type,  im biased lol)
Body: Andy – doesn’t state on her aw page,  but I reckon a size 8
I spoke to andy briefly discussing time and place, I told her I wanted her to wear, after  several text messages later I arrived at their door. I was greeted by the maid/friend (at this point im thinking b&s, surely not this is the divas group. I was offered a drink and a shower whilst I waited for andy to get ready, I duly accepted upon arriving back from the shower I was greeted by the sight of andy standing there in her lingerie . Things progressed frantically from there onwards the longer it went the better it got.

Would i recommend: reflecting on the service i received today yes
Would i go back:  maybe, truthfully after two pleasantly delightful encounters I can see it going down hill. But who knows I might just strike it lucky.

Reflecting back on my hour with andy, I would honestly say I would have gone negative maybe neutral if my stay was 15/30 minutes, in all honesty the music (most wg use it to tell length of time)  started whilst I was in the shower bad form, then the bj felt rushed. Andy tried to jump my bones straight away, had to tell her I had an hour and there was no way I could last that long. So we slowed things down got plenty of dfk, sex was in several positions both times. I have to say she has a lovely back from her kneck down to her bum (a petite hour glass)  the view is a sight to behold. The massage was brilliant, she was worried I might feel some discomfort if she pressed harder, turns out shes a qualified massues. But I overstayed by 10-15 minutes and after our chat she warmed up and that’s where the fun began hence the positive.

6 review(s) found for Andy Apple linked to in above post (6 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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