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Author Topic: littlehoneyjessica - Norwich incall  (Read 1099 times)

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Offline uutarn

So yea, first review from me in a while as i have been enjoying the pleasures of regulars, as i personally find subsequent meets to be a lot more fulfilling.
littlehoneyjessica has been on my radar for a while and last time i missed her when she was in Norwich. Not going to happen a second time.

Aite, so on with the shiz.
Clear and prompt. All good.

Hotel on the outskirts of Norwich city centre.

Quite a cute girl. Pretty much as the pics depict but she has put a little more on around the midriff, only a little though. Not bothered in the slightest. Nice curves, bald, clean, tight pussy and small titties with puffy nips.
Facially cute. Not drop dead gorgeous but close (subjective anyway). Really nice smile (yea yea i know, sue me).

Nitty gritty
Jess was wearing the school girl thang along with pony tails. Didn't request it but i liked. Started to snog my face off as soon as the door was closed, which was nice and a lot of kissing all throughout the meet. Not DFK but it was nice.

After a bit of that along with mutual groping she got on her knees and sucked me. Now i don't mind a hard BJ and the BJ in itself was really nice but teeth were involved on occasion.
RO was nice but Jess was quite unresponsive. That just might be the way it is with her or i suck at RO. In fact she was very passive throughout which i presume is the way she is, which is fine of course but i guess i have grown accustomed to regulars who are the exact opposite so was a bit weird but not negative in any way.

Cowgirl/mish/doggy followed. Mish was very good with Jess involving her legs in a variety of ways which i definitely like. Cowgirl also with Jess changing it up and grinding etc.

On her knees again for a facial, which she took with pleasure. Spooned some of my jizz into her mouth with my fingers which she sucked clean, at her request and took some for myself. "Sharing is caring" she said ;).

GFE girl. Pretty, lovely personality, good service from a fit young girl. If vanilla is your thing, then you're not going to go wrong with Jess. Normally it takes me the full hour to cum (if i do at all). She done it in 30 mins. Now i know most would anger at such a thing, but not me as i do suffer from anorgasmia sometimes so it showed she worked my junk the right way.
But here's the rub. When i started about 6 months ago, all i went for is vanilla. But now, my sexual depravity has heightened. If it isn't pure filth, i do ponder why i'm paying.
This is my thing though and has nothing to do with Jess.

So, would i see Jess again? If i fancied a GFE? Yea totally. You aren't going to get many better in this area IMHO.
Would i recommend? As above. If GFE with a young girl is your thang, then i recommend 100%.
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+1 for LHJ, she is one of my favourites. Certainly one of the better 20ish GFE around EA.
Jess mainly works in Peterborough, but is now visiting Norwich every couple of months.

Offline eyeseebee

+2. Uutarn, I will say that I have seen Jessica several times, and she certainly gets a little bit more 'dirty' each time. So as you've found with your other regulars, I would imagine you'll notice a step up in filth on your next visits to Jess. Pleased you enjoyed her.

13 review(s) found for littlehoneyjessica linked to in above post (13 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Natwest

I have pretty much stopped using Adultwork in favour of Seeking Arrangements but will almost certainly go and see LHJ again some time when she is back in Peterborough. She has such a lovely manner about her with just the right amount of dirty talk. I haven't seen her for quite a while but every time a review comes up it remind me that I really should get in touch. I think I have been around three times and she does get more relaxed with you on each visit. You cannot fail to like her really.

Offline oohermrs

Thanks for the review (and endorsements).  She's on my HL but at 2 hours away, is a bit out of range.

Looks like a good punt, roll on next time she is in Norwich, thanks for the review, been on my HL for a bit.

13 review(s) found for littlehoneyjessica linked to in above post (13 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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