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Author Topic: Recommend any brothels in Cardiff area?  (Read 1275 times)

Offline 123anon

Looking for a place which cost around £80 per hour, preferably with British girls working there. I do't really have a type, just looking for a good quality punt.

Offline HughJardon

Brothels run at 50 pounds per half hour, add FK & maybe a dash of OWO and your up to £70.
Sexy Little Amy (shes polish) goes for 100 notes per hour.

Are you new to punting ? If not maybe draft a few mini reviews of your encounters

Offline Gregg1990

Haven't visited any this year as I have relocated to Swansea but here's my experience of parlours that I have been to in Cardiff:

Location: 45 Broadway
Visited: About 3 times
Last Visited: 12 months ago

Only had a choice of 2/3 girls each time but never an issue as each girl was always pretty. They all seem to be slim too. Not many brits though. Service was good each time. The girls at Angels seems to offer a bit more in my experience like allowing fingering in basic cost but I may have just been lucky. Iv'e read posts about people feeling exposed visiting Angles due to the lack of a rear door but is always been quiet outside during my visits.

Ambassidor Suite
Location: 179 City Rd
Visited: About 4 times
Last Visited: 5 months ago

Best selection of girls in cardiff I think. Some real stunners with cracking bodies. Service is good. Had a great punt with an Italian girl called Ruby once. After a certain time (9pm possibly) they charge an additional £10 door fee. Too be fair, this may be the case elsewhere but I don't tend to put that late, this was an exception. 

Twice as Nice
Location: 112 Woodville Rd
Visited: About 2 times
Last Visited: 6 months ago

Strange one to review. Had my best punt ever here... and my worst. First time was with a red hot welsh girl who I annoyingly cant remember the name of. had dark hair, nice tanned skin and amazing tattoos on here arms (which I dont usually like but looked great on her). She was amazing. Great GFE with DFK. Loads of passion and genuinely made you feel like you were really turning her on and that she loved your company. I enjoyed so much I went back about 3 days later but she wasn't working and settled for another girl who was sill pretty but once we got in the room her attitude stank, obviously didn't want to be there. And to top of off, when we went to doggy.... all i'll say is the smell was sickening. I didn't even bother going any further, mad me excuses and left.

I think that goes to show that every parlour has its diamonds, but also has is disappointments. It really is pot luck! And to be honest.. that part of the thrill of it for me!

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