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Author Topic: MKHelen - Stansted Airport tour  (Read 631 times)

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Offline farquhar


I had seen Helen's profile in various places over the years. MK was always a bit too far for me to get to, so I would pass on the opportunity. I spotted her on AW recently and her tour to Stansted Airport was just about reachable as I had a cancelled meeting in the morning. I'm a bit partial to English girls, although there are some lovely EEs. So Helen fitted the bill.

The initial comms were by AW email on the night before, and she asked me to text in the morning. We agreed a time and she notified me of the venue. She was very chatty by text. Confirmed 1 hour @ £110.

To keep with the airport theme, I asked her to dress in the air stewardess uniform that she was wearing in her Twitter photos along with stockings and suspenders. She's tallish (especially in her heels) standing at about 5'8 barefoot. She has lovely longs legs, a superb arse, and natural boobs which felt nice but were smaller than I usually like. Facially she is attractive despite her not having worn too much make-up.

A chain hotel close to the airport. Although the reception was directly by the entrance, it was easy to walk straight down to the lifts without raising too much attention.

She opened the door, and did the usual hiding-behind-the-door trick as I walked in. She gave me a kiss as soon as the door was closed behind me. She looked great in the uniform, and spun around to show herself to me from all angles, pausing to lift her skirt to display her arse. Temptation was too much, and I just had to give it a squeeze!

I was lead through to the bedroom, handed over the £, and then she gave me a full on snog, and spent a few minutes with this on the bed. While she had her tongue in my mouth, she started unbuttoning my shirt, and knelt to unzip my trousers. Looking down at her boobs from this angle was great, and I wanted to get stuck into them as well.

I took off the rest of my clothes and moved to the bed where she performed DFK before moving down to give me OWO. She sucked my balls and licked all along the shaft to the tip. Very nice!! All along, she was chatting and making sure that I was having fun.

I asked for a massage as I was a bit sore and achy from the morning's gym session. It wasn't the best, but it was decent enough to release the aches. She started to wander with her hands, and stroked my cock and balls.

I moved down to taste her, and she has a clean and freshly shave pussy.

She asked whether I wanted to have sex with her, and so I got her to ride me cowgirl and after a bit of this the inevitable happened with probably the strongest orgasm I've had in months.

I had pretty much spent myself at this point, so she cuddled me as if she was a GF. It was a nice touch, but I was quite aware that I was only there to have a bit of fun, so this point felt like a bit of play acting.

She wiped me off with wipes and then offered me a shower. There were clean towels, and a selection of toiletries to choose from. She was well prepared. I returned to the bedroom, and she had laid out my clothes on the bed which again I thought was a nice touch.

A girl who really wants you to feel at ease
Attractive face and body
Keen to meet requests

Bigger boobs?

Will I see her again?
Probably, if she is within a reasonable distance
I am keen to try out her nuru massage.

10 review(s) found for mkhelen linked to in above post (8 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Hertsgent

That's a good review, thanks :thumbsup:

She looks quite tidy, so will have to see if she ever comes Stevenage/Hatfield way...

Offline farquhar

She mentioned that she does London tours fairly regularly, and I think she said Borehamwood as well

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