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Author Topic: Bookings via Adultwork  (Read 234 times)

Offline geordie44

OK. Ive never actually used AW , but have used agencies.
I read a LOT of posts on here with writers talking about problems, switching, services not as advertised, switched profiles or profiles being taken over, pictures being fake,   etc etc etc.
The list of issues is almost endless.

So Im asking, what proportion of engagements that actual AW users have had, have been
a)  100% ok
b)  Different in some way than expected or disappointing
c)  A bad experience etc.

Ie  is it a trustowrthy resource overall from the customers perspective?

AW is ok, as long as you do proper research. Find a girl who meets your expectations of location, price, services etc. check for positive reviews on here, don't rely on AW reviews, you should be fine pal.

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