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Author Topic: Epiphany - TGirl - Nottingham  (Read 3753 times)

2 review(s) for xEpiphanyx (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

I'll issue my usual warning - *** This review was for a punt with a TGirl - if this offends you, please do not read - also some freaky shit if you don't like dom / sub dynamics ***

www.adultwork.com/1650931  and  www.adultwork.com/xEpiphanyx

Ok - still here?.. I've had several members PM me asking for some reviews of previous sucessful TGirl / shemale encounters, which I will try to do when I get time, but here's one from last Friday that was pretty fucking special...

Location - Incall at very popular Nottingham hotel for punting - the least conspicuous there is in the area I think.

Time - 1 hour - £120

Comms - Booked on AW and then gave full instructions by text - no problems. Got the room number text when she go booked in.

Looks - Very nice and quite feminine, nice little A cup tits and good figure. 21yo Emo TGirl.

(I'm going to try and keep NIK happy with this review by trying to avoid my usual euphamisms.....)

Meet: I had spoke in length to Ashley before the meet as this was the second time in two years I had seen her, but while the other meet was PSE, this one was very much Dom/Sub, as I knew she was very submissive. When I arrived, the door was ajar for me, and she was there in just her black negligee and high heels on her knees, careful not to hold my gaze. I pulled her up by her hair and went into some great DFK.
I took out the money and paid the escort for the sexual encounter that was about to unfold (by putting the wad in her mouth).
She had been told to undress me which she duly did, but when she tried to suck my semi hard cock, she was pulled away by her hair again and given several sound slaps around the face. Then she went into the bathroom to get a hot flannel she had prepared as I wanted some deep foot worship. She defluffed me and started sucking deep on my toes, licking the balls of my feet - amazing. I thien instructed her to get on the bed and suck my cock - she did this again avoiding my gaze. Sucking deeply on me, she had a good method and I had to concentrate on unsexy things.. I instructed her to breathe and forced her head down on my cock, keeping it there until she was forced up to breathe, when I slapped her face some more and started to slap her little tits (to great effect). This continued for a while before we went into the bathroom to try something new for her which I enjoy. She Knelt in the bath and I stood in front of her, grabbed her hair and started to fuck her face hard and deep. Now I'm certainly no John Holmes, but i've got some girth, and after a bit of hard face fucking, the plan was realised - she puked over my cock. We continued for a while with this, her makeup running wildly and lots of gagging and spluttering, but I could see her (very nice, roughly 7.5") cock getting very hard....  I let her have a break while she showered me to my approval, and I went back into the bedroom while she brushed her teeth..   :thumbsup:

She came back out and assumed the doggie position with her per little arse sticking high in the air so I could give her a nice sloppy rimming. She loved this and there was plenty of precum running from her cock as I did. Then it was time for some impact play. I gave her some very hard spanking until both her cheeks were red raw (with soothing inbetween, of course) as she begged me for more after each stroke...
My cock was throbbing now so I told her to ready me. She got a prophylactic out of its packet and rolled it over my penis to provide a barrier for penetrative sex. She started with cowgirl which was amazing - very tight arse, but the sight of her big cock bobing up and down right in my eyeline was too much and eventually I pulled her off my cock and told her to want that cock in my mouth and over my face which she duly did - I was rewarded with a nice big thick tasty load, which I pulled her head down to share with me - bliss.

Then I ordered her into doggie again and pushed my cock into her anus, and proceeded to fuck her really hard, she seemed to enjoy it by making all the right noises and getting hard again (so had a nice play while I fucked her).
After some great sex I flipped her onto her back took her high heels over my shoulders and started pounding her arse missionary style - amazing. Finally, I could take no more, and pulling out of her anus, quickly taking the sheath off my penis, I started wanking over her face, ending in a lovely facial and CIM - she doesn't swallow, she I relieved her of all my lovely cum - seems a shame to waste it!..   :blush:

All in all a top punt, and one I intend to repeat at the earliest convenience - only trouble being no incalls, and infrequant hotel days - if anyone on here is either a seasoned professional or even a first timer interested in breaking their duck with a stunning TGirl, PM me and hopefully we can make a top MMF happen sooner rather than later...

Apologies if I 've gone on a bit, I was reliving it as I wrote, and my cock got as hard as a blind cobblers thumb - DOH!   :dash:


2 review(s) found for xEpiphanyx linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline leicesterdude

Top review.

As usual. Thanks
Banning reason: Fluffy white-knight

Offline pictisunum

Great (and clearly titled) review Al and a real sense of what she has to offer.  You can no doubt expect the usual opinions on TSs and punters who see them, but I doubt that'll tarnish what sounds like an excellent punt.

That said I wouldn't trust you alone in a room with a long-haired pet  :D you sexual deviant  :thumbsup:

Quality, and I wish I'd been there for an MM........F?



A lot of self harm scars on "her" arms and legs in her profile photos  :scare:

A lot of self harm scars on "her" arms and legs in her profile photos  :scare:

Clarke, true - I meant to mention it in my review. Might put some people off. Not me though...

Offline pictisunum

A lot of self harm scars on "her" arms and legs in her profile photos  :scare:

Not to stereotype but transexuals often have attendant mental health difficulties as an aspect of their gender dysphoria.  Not that genetic females are immune from this, but it is an additional consideration.

Offline Stoking

Sorry to sound crude, but no tits I presume?

Offline pedro2

Nice one Al, she seems your kinda girl. Glad you had a good time  :thumbsup:

Sorry to sound crude, but no tits I presume?

Stoking, crude is not a word we recognise on this site....   ;)

She's got little A cup titties, with sensitive nipples that depending on your taste, she loves a) to be sucked / licked, or B) Slapped until they are red raw....   :diablo:

Some very important information I left out of my review which someone has just eluded to - Epiphany is a bottom only; she has lived as a woman for sone years and does not top.

Enjoy!    :thumbsup:

Offline irelax32

She looks really hot! And that BDSM is a turnon!

Offline Zeusthedoc

Have sent a few messages but no reply - any suggestions?


A Tgirl is on my bucket list.....anyone fancy either doing a 3sum or 4 sum ...I'll arrange and it will be in Leicester?  Message me.

Offline irelax32

How does she sound? I mean, her voice, is it like a bloke or a femme?

Offline spz1234

I've found myself recently being interested in seeing a T-Girl but not bit the bullet yet. It is however something which I am sure I will do at some point.

I do have Epiphany on my hotlist so if the stars align, she could be the one.

I've found myself recently being interested in seeing a T-Girl but not bit the bullet yet. It is however something which I am sure I will do at some point.

I do have Epiphany on my hotlist so if the stars align, she could be the one.

Go for it. It's an experience, but if you pick a good one, you'll enjoy it.


I've got TGirl high on my to do (not 'to do me') list.
Highest recommendation I've recieved so far from a very good source on here is Paris in Derby.
https://www.adultwork.com/2005756 or https://www.adultwork.com/Paris%5FTs

How does she sound? I mean, her voice, is it like a bloke or a femme?


Her voice is very feminine. Could pass easily for an emo female in both looks and Sounds (but not if you tried to fingerbang her)...    :D


She's on her way to me as I type ...MMF at my hotel.......Scooby

Make sure to review it

have fun


OMFG ....amazing ...will review tomorrow. Scooby

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