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Author Topic: Sensual carla - harrow ha3  (Read 2513 times)

12 review(s) for Sensual Carla xxx (9 positive, 3 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Visited carla yesterday afternoon at her flat she shares with xena and nikki.free parking and discreet.
Comms were good.called and hour in advance and it was carla that answered the phone.some say here english is bad but i found her easy to understand.(improved i guess).when i arrived i txt for flat number but she txt back saying i had to call her for it which i did.
When she greeted me at the door she was wearing a dressing gown and fluffy ugg boot slippers.she looked quite attractive and her pics were spot on.id say a 7 out of 10 imo.sorted out the paperwork in the bedroom,40 pound for half hour.id showered before i left so on with the business straight away.i took my clothed off while i watched her take off hers.i noticed a large tattoo on the right side of her body and i told her how good it looked.(i love tattoos on women).i went over to her and she had a smile on her face and seemed happy.i noticed how nice her tits were and i also noticed her stretch marks on her belly.some have said they look really bad.ive seen worse and it  didnt put me off at all.i took hold of her and we started kissing.light fk and i was kissing her neck and shoulders.she was responsive and seemed to enjoy it  as much as me.she started to stroke my cock which was hard and ready in no time.we got on the bed and she did owo,sucking and licking my shaft and balls too.varied her tempo and did a real good of it.i was getting close so a asked her to stop.she said 'is it ok' i said yes but im getting close and didnt want to cum yet.i started to fk her some more and pulled her close and the fk led to dfk.i really wanted to fuck her at this point so i asked her for the mac.she was sitting on top of me and put it on.i pulled her hips forward and she rode me while i sucked on her lovely tits and dfk her so more.she was tight and not to wet so it felt fantasic,so good infact i popped after just afew minuites lol.she cleaned me up and we chatted for  the last 5 mins of the punt and she is a really nice girl.going home soon but coming back again soon.she has improved it seems over the last few months judgeing  by some of the reviews ive read on here about her.would i go back to see her again ! Yes absolutely ! An hour next time though so i can do RO and 69 and have another pop or two.

Offline dubhcarr

Hi I think this SP is getting better from recent reviews? Saw her when she started and she was cute but nervous. I like real women and your review has just moved her up my list . I guess she is off soon but I can wait and she is VFM IMO.

12 review(s) found for Sensual Carla xxx linked to in above post (9 positive, 3 neutral, 0 negative)

Yes very much improved.well worth a revisit.she's here for 1 more day the coming back again in afew weeks time.im sure you'll enjoy her much more next time round

Offline SamLP

She was good when I saw her from day 1, however others did report slight discrepancies. Being new, she may have had a few learning curves at the beginning but from my experience she has a top attitude and is definitely a Xena student in terms of service.

Glad you enjoyed the punt

Offline PumpAction

I saw her recently and haven't mentally recovered yet. Nice girl and the punt wasn't bad but she has the face of a twenty year old and the mid-section of a ninety year old. The worst body i've seen in all my years punting. After handing over the money we started with some fk/dfk and it was looking like being a good punt. When she took her top off, my swollen goo bazooka deflated quicker than an untied balloon. I can't fault her service wise but I just wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. Neutral.

I don't normally punt these bargain bucket girls and it further reinforces my view that you can't get a gfe with an attractive wg for less than a bare minimum of 60 notes for 30mins (Xena being the only exception to that rule i've found).

Offline Steve2

I saw Carla again this week and had another really good session. She is certainly over the "shy" faze and provides good VFM


Yes i think as time goes by she will get better and better.another year and maybe one of the best in the area

Offline jason2004

Where is the flat located, nearest street name would be appreciated.

Also is the flat discrete, can you get in without neighbours looking/peeking?

Near elms road ha3.free and easy parking with intercom to flat.very discreet so no worries there

Offline Mr Br1ghts1de

Also is the flat discrete, can you get in without neighbours looking/peeking?

Best to be that extra bit discrete when leaving ime.

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