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Author Topic: Stylish Susan - Hatfield  (Read 799 times)

Offline balabio

Fairly new to the 'punting scene' and I am wondering if anyone has visited this lady.
Her profile on AW would seem to meet my needs - however, she has one 1 rating which she has blocked and I am slightly suspicious that she may not provide all of the services she offers.

Offline eyeseebee

Sounds dodgy to me but your best bet if you want some proper help/advice is to link her profile to your post so we can see who you're talking about.

Offline balabio

Many thanks for the sensible advice.
AW profile link now attached.


Offline dkn

Looks like a fat old bird to me.  Depends on what you're after, but if you want your first punt to be with a young stunner, then I think you'd be sorely disappointed here...

Offline dawsonuk

Not with a barge pole mate. Crap profile, hidden feedback. Avoid.

Offline balabio

Thanks for all the advice folks, I'll stay clear.

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