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Author Topic: KittyKat79 - Chesterfield  (Read 1798 times)

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First review but it is a couple of months back.

Booked with the lady for an evening appointment and after a couple of texts and I’m on my way.
Easy to find and the usual park up and text when you are here…  house a little hard to find at first as its not on the main road and requires a walk up a communal path, but Kat must have been watching for me and came to the door to beckon me in.
Her house is not exactly the best in terms of decoration and as her and her husband /partner are smokers the air is heavy and the decorations have suffered. The actual room Kat takes you in is OK and you soon put your attentions elsewhere when the fun starts.

She looks exactly like her pictures no more no less. She met me in dressing gown with stockings and knickers underneath. It was straight up the stairs to the bedroom to sort the paperwork out and have quick chat about this and that. Kat puts you at ease straightaway and is a lovely friendly lady.

I’m ashamed to say we didn’t have full sex, the lady was willing but the lead up put me over the edge. We started chatting about stockings and she asked if I wanted to wear them and with no hesitation she took them off and asked me to wear them which I duly obliged. Kissing, OWO, RO and lots of playing was the order of the day until unfortunately I could hold on no more – cuddling and chatting until time to go.

So there you have it, a genuine girl, clean, just like the pics, really good at BJ’s, can’t comment on full sex but would imagine that it would be as enthusiastic as the OWO,  friendly and as long as you put aside the condition of the house and the smell of smoke then worth the punt.  Would I go back Yes…. in fact promised myself I would but for one reason or another I haven’t yet.
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1 review(s) found for kittykat79 linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Turtle Z

Good review, she's a curvy girl and the smoking may be an issue for some not wanting to go home stinking of cigarettes but I firmly believe there's something for everyone so long as girls provide a genuine service.  :hi:
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Online NIK

She'd have to pay me!  :scare:
And then some!

A punt where you pray for bait and switch.  :D

Offline irelax32

I think she's pretty well, for those who prefer curvy girls! I am tempted to try her, but her services are too vanilla.

Offline george r

you would need ten pints at least ?

That's one of Chesterfield's finest your slagging off!  :D

Offline irelax32

you would need ten pints at least ?

I have had worse. I could do her, but like I said, too vanilla.  :cool:

That's one of Chesterfield's finest your slagging off!  :D
i think i shagged her mum in the donut carpark once after getting kicked out of zanzibar!

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