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Author Topic: Adelle - Coventry  (Read 1527 times)

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Adelle in Coventry


Commications Have to say this was good, email sent of what I was looking for and was replied to within a few minutes. Booking made on AW, and road name and phone number sent. Phone when I got there.

Location Close to the centre of Coventry. I'll leave it at that, although I think many on here will know where she is. It's a new(ish) block of flats, parking available on site, and Adelle provided me with the car park access code, although when I pulled up a couple of kids sat by the gates told it to me anyway. Flat ok, could just walk around and didn't feel like any one was looking at me or that interested in what I was up too. Not the nicest place I've ever been - but not the worst. Room is clearly for punting only, but on suite shower room. Asked to remove shoes as soon as I stepped through the door.

Cost £70 for an hour, no extras offered or requested. Money asked for straight away, and handed over.

Adelle She is the girl in the photos, but they were taken a good few pies ago. She's a lot chubbier (when I saw her towards the end of 2015), then she appears in the photo. Her English is ok, but a few times I was having to ask her to repeat what she'd said. Kind of has made me a little wary of going for another EE girl. I just got the feeling she'd have rather been doing something, or anything, else other than being there with me.

The punt Offered a shower, but had had one just before leave my home. So asked to go wash my hands, and my cock again (bit strange). A bit of kissing, no FK which slightly annoying, some time to let my hand explore, but then was right you want a massage? Well no not really, I was some thing more. So onto the bed, I kissed down to her boobs, and started on her nipples (I'm a serious boob man) and she pulled away saying no they are sensitive so no kissing. I had asked about this before hand as I can spend along time enjoying a pair of boobs.

Ok then fuck this (I thought), you play with me then. So hand job followed and not the best I've ever had. After I came, she said massage now. Oh fuck it, ok then - it's just going to be one of those punts, so I endurance a massage. Then I rolled myself over and tried to stroke her leg, she moved away. Then onto my limp knob went a condom and she began to suck me hard again. I asked about OWO and was told, this is your first time I don't know you. Ok I guess, I normally come quickly without, so I'm never too worried about it being with.

Having sucked me hard again, she reached over and covered my (covered) cock with more KJ jelly than I've ever seen in my life and jumped on top. A few minutes later of her bouncing around (which I have to say is a nice sight watching that boobs bounce around) and she asked me have you cum yet? Well no, because I came about 40 minutes ago. So off she jumped again and began another, rather rough for me, hand job. After another few minutes, it was pretty obviously my little friend wasn't enjoying it. So she comes out with the comment. Well that's not happening. Do you want a shower.

I showered, said by goodbyes and left. My hour ended up (including shower) being about 50 minutes.

Conclusion I had this punt before I'd found this site. Had I seen this site before hand, I highly doubt if I'd have punted with her. Having seen her, she now is on my seen - but don't want to see again list. Which is a shame, as the location is very convenient  for me.

1 review(s) found for adelle..xx linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

I had an hour with her maybe 3 odd years ago. Didn't know about ukp then. Same experience. Shoes off, made me have a shower. Very mechanical. Had a routine she didn't like to deviate from which was very massage based. Protected her boobs with her arms when giving me a bj so I couldn't touch them. She rode me cowgirl then started slapping the back of my neck demanding that I came. Very unpleasant. She then sent me a couple of messages through AW asking why I hadn't given her positive feedback. I ignored them.

Offline starman

I had the same experience and left feedback somewhere on this site last year.
Definitely not someone I would see again.

Had exactly the same must have been 2016, went on the back of AW reviews, and pics seemed enticing.. however very mechanical and the time was cut short.. was also asked to wash my hands.
I saw another Busty Czech (arianahot.n1) at the same place a while later, and had a much better experience. Seems to have moved to Milton Keynes now. I wish i had seen the review before hand

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