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Author Topic: _Nathalie_ - Ipswich  (Read 713 times)

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Fancied a meeting with Nathalie, liked the look of her. Meeting took place on a Saturday a few weeks ago.

Comms was OK, rung to arrange an appointment in a couple hours time. Sent over postcode and off I go, IP1, the postcode takes you to a high block of flats just down the road from the AXA building. Parking was a pain, I don't know Ipswich too well. Was buzzed up to what seemed the 100th floor to be met at the door by Nathalie, it is definately the girl in the pictures and she is definately attractive but something else made me give her a negative.

We started kissing, not DFK but just bordering FK. She eventually pushed me on the bed and performed some nice OWO with a fair amount of DT too, was a nice blowwie. Whilst doing this she was still wearing her secuatary type outfit so I pulled up her skirt to see if she would allow fingering.. which she did, seems responsive to it and seemed to enjoy it.

Just wanted this to be a owo cim  sesh so no sex, eventually I came in her mouth and she spat it all over my cock, lovely. I was in there for my time and for the money, she was good.

You might be wondering why the negative review? Well, as we said our goodbyes I started to walk back the my van.. I got in and put my hands on the steering wheel to realise I had two fingers covered in blood.

Now I am not disgusted by this, I am also aware how females bodies work but I can't help but think she knew? Every girlfriend Ive ever had could tell they were 'on' before anything actually happened.

My review may be harsh as she may have not known it was that time of the month, but surely if her hygiene was up to scratch she would of checked before our meet and at least told me that I couldn't stick a finger in?  :P

 https://www.adultwork.com/2463254 or https://www.adultwork.com/%5FNathalie%5F
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3 review(s) found for _Nathalie_ linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 3 negative)

Offline Neal69

Thanks for that GL.

Not crossed off the HL yet despite your red moment.


I was so horrified when I read your review that it put me off sex for nearly 24 hours.

However it does illustrate a point that has worried me for some time.

How is it, given that women have a period once a month, that some girls, very notably the very well known Romanian girls in Colchester, always have their green light ON.
I telephoned one, who had her light on, to make an appointment, to be told that yes, she was available, but she had not quite finished her period.

I'll ring you next week, I said.

Makes you think. Makes me think, especially as I have a very nasty habit of sticking my tongue into places where tongues would not normally be found.

What do you think ??


Well, if she would allowed me to finger her then I'm guessing she wouldn't of said no to a bit of RO.. then it wouldn't of just been a couple of red fingers.

Would of created interesting conversation when I arrived home.

Caught red faced as the saying doesn't go!

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