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Author Topic: Mel Job Newport  (Read 2393 times)

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Offline mills987


I have twice made arrangement with Mel Job, all coms had been great to start. Was given the post code so sat nav guided to correct location. I called to get house number, but had no response. I gave her the benefit of doubt the first time. Don't know why I bothered. 

3 review(s) found for Meljob linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline newforthisyear

Good thing I didn't get a response when I mailed her asking to meet and all I wanted to do was spunk over some big titties!
Banning reason: Touting banned site by PM

Offline HughJardon

all I wanted to do was spunk over some big titties!

Amen to that Brother  :cool:
I think if you do get round to meeting her the service is pretty good, her comms/booking skills need more work though  :timeout:

Offline Hairybum

Agreed, she's bad at the comms.... Really nice girl though, not a bad service.. I would visit again just to have a play with those Jugs!!!!

Nice enough girl, but didn't do it at all for me.

Also, found it hard to keep me dick in her.  Thought it was just me, but when I mentioned it on here some time ago, someone else agreed with me.  I think it is a clever trick she does in the way she positions herself.

Personally I wouldn't return.

Offline DevilD

Profile seems to have gone....

Offline odynsfee

Ivor,Yes it was me, it was really odd I could not seem get any decent purchase for the little fella to get right in  :unknown: my little legs were scrambling around like Bamby :D
Nice enough lass and cheap too but I haven't been back either.

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