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Author Topic: Danielle house doncaster balby road  (Read 620 times)

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So was a Tuesday and had a business meeting in Doncaster so with a hour to spare I called in at Danielle house. Used to be a regular wen old Alan had it and boy as it changed its the bee's knees inside. I was greeted by a receptionist who I presume is on some sort of medication as her speech was slurred anyway I was introduced to the girls the Romanian girls!. I chose a petite one I think she was called Julie. I was taken upstairs I wasn't offered no shower or a drink. The service was mediocre something I would have happily paid 20 for not 50. All in all was a quickie with no conversation apart from the odd smile wen she wasn't sure wat I was saying. Needless to say I won't return anytime soon.. Such a waste of a lovely place

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