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Author Topic: Greatest Nicola – Isleworth  (Read 1277 times)

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Been after banging Nicola for a long time but never got the chance. Even when her green light is on on AW there is a more than 50 per cent chance you'll get her voicemail which suggests she's busy or likes to take the afternoon off.

I saw she was available yesterday so being a nice sunny spring day I thought I'd try my luck. She picked up and in pretty good English arranged for a meeting mid-afternoon. She texted me her address and I made my way over. She lives in a modern apartment block with parking about a 10 minute walk from Isleworth station.

Apartment: Clean and very tidy. On the fourth floor. Private enough. She buzzes you in and up you go.

Looks: exactly my kind of girl. She is only around 5'1" but seems taller in her stacked open toe sandals. Her body is pneumatic; big firm arse, tight waist and big fake but natural feeling tits with lovely tent peg nipples. She answered the door in a pink dress, pre-mentioned heels and a little thong underneath.

Her skin is silky smooth and smelled divine. A little trail of pubic hair but completely clean on the arsehole and pussy itself. She looks to be mid-30s. Skin in good condition. She looks after herself. I'd say the pics on her AW page are a very accurate description. She has tiny hands and feet. I like this. I think she is best summed up as well-kept or immaculate. Clean breath, perfect, white teeth but she didn't look OTT like some of those Romanian types with big fake nails and eyelashes. She has an immaculate little pussy with little lips that pout at you to stick your cock in. She also has an anus that is puckered and deep. Delicious.

Payment: I paid £80 for half an hour. I got 45 minutes which was a bonus. She's not a clock watcher and doesn't check her phone although she did tell me someone else was booked after me so I was aware of not taking the piss.

She speaks good English and says she is half Italian and half Argentina. I didn't mention the Falklands.

The Act. After payment we went straight into some kissing. I got her to walk around a bit. Let the fox see the rabbit. I was hard straight away and she took no time grabbing my cock through my jeans before pulling them off and sucking it. I asked her to go harder and she obliged. I like my nipples sucked. She told me she liked doing this. I got on the bed and asked her to drop her magnificent arse onto my face so I could tongue her while she sucked me off and raked my balls with her nails. I had to shove her off as I was about to pop. We fucked with her on top so I could take her in before flipping her over and finishing the job. She's game for any position and likes to moan a bit (I get the impression this isn't entirely for real). After we lay on the bed chatting. She kindly and gently cleaned me up. Nicola used to be a stock controller before doing this.

Would I go again? Definitely. It wasn't wild, PSE sex; more of a girlfriend experience. I am a visual kind of guy and have always been a sucker for tight, big curves. Nicola lived up to the pics and was pleasant with it. Recommended.

7 review(s) found for GreatestNicolax linked to in above post (7 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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