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Author Topic: Blondeforparty  (Read 532 times)

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Offline droplet

One of the shittest punting experiences I have had.


The place is in a basement flat next to Euston. When I went in a different girl opened the door and tried to bullshit me saying she is the girl in the photo. She wasnt even blonde. "I changed my hair colour". I told her Im not stupid. Then she said wait a second. Left the room and brought back in the real one in the picture. I think given this I should have left.

The girl is the person on the photo. But she is now fat and chubby. Those photos must had been 10 yrs old. She is 30s. Romanian.

A very bitchy woman. My rules this my rules that. No kissing nipples. No kissing there, no kissing here. Ticklish everywhere. No licking pussy. Put on the condom on. Going into missionary, my cock touched the bedsheet. She jumped out. Change condom. Her rules. I lost it instantly. Managed to get hard again despite her constant complaining. Just got it out of my system. 1 hr booking. Never again.


1 review(s) found for Blondeforparty linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline The_Don

Sorry to hear they messed you around, service and attitude wise.

Do you also have a link for the other W/G.

As a warning for other punters, in case they try the same again?

Offline droplet

No, I didnt see any of those two girls in the flat and the one who was initially tried to con me I cant find any profiles of her. She is a small girl, brown hair, a 5 at best.

Best just to avoid all together.

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