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Author Topic: Ning at Khwan Thai traditional in Sheffield (Mirrortalk)  (Read 538 times)

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Saw Ning before at Mirrortalk and had a great time (great massage, great HE with lots of feeling her, boobs out etc), so fancied more of the same.

Phoned up and seemed some confusion on the phone whilst trying to find if busy or not, when I could come. Phoned again from 100yds away and managed to confirm could go straight in,  to see Ning.  Was greeted at door (Back door a couple of doors away from Mirrortalk, in same corner) by a Thai lady and showed upstairs.  Shown into room to wait for Ning.

Ning entered and started preparing the massage table whilst I opted to have a shower first.
As we were preparing to start I entered into conversation that I had seen her before, maybe 5 months ago,  Ning disagreeing, stating she remembers all faces and had not seen me before!!
Did continue a little on that line,  but from then on was a little strange,  like she didn't trust me! 
Definitely no touching, did try but was told to stop and it wasn't that kind of place!
Definitely no intimate touching of me or HE at all.

What I did get was a great massage,  just was expecting  a little extra too.

I suspect I had somehow put her off with her not recognising me,  but came away having had a great massage,  but doubt I will go again.  A little puzzled by it all.

Offline Ade65

Ning is very hit and miss; sometimes she doesn't seem to want to do much more than a massage, other times she's really good :)

But you never know what you will get with her, apart from it being a good massage....

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