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Author Topic: fake or just stupid  (Read 615 times)

Offline Andy1967

Was looking for something local and this caught my eye - so thinking it was an agency I clicked on link, only to discover that its a co-operative of 4 girls, but 3 profiles the same spiel and one with 2 verifications which are not very savoury - unless your a fishmonger. Also all 4 girls joined AW on 8th/10th of April??

Think you've got that wrong mate - their last login dates are around 8th - 10th but their joining dates are mostly early 2015 with one in 2014... seen these profiles kicking round these parts for a while now but never decided to TOFTT

Offline Andy1967

my mistake, not very good on computer I just thought the profiles were all very similar so wondered if it was fake accounts as all said new to AW blah blah blah. But going to avoid anyway with the feedback (negative) on the one that has some, doesn't sound good at all,

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