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Author Topic: Busty Tina - Soho - 34 Romilly street - Brazilian/Bulgarian  (Read 1848 times)

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Offline megadik

The Girl:
Tina - size 14 (not fatty but big) - very busty - Claimed Brazillian (but she might be Bulgarian from other threads here),
age may be late 20s, guessing 36-DD cup natural boobs, dark hair, about 5' 7" height, decent english.

As it happened:
Knocked the door the maid opened and straight in to Tina's room. Well arranged room. She has huge natural bust.. :dancegirl:
Good attitude and it very giggly. She asked £30 for sex with one more position (in addition to missionary). Bit taken back with the price [aren't £20 a standard price in Soho just for one position?] small head taken over big hear  :P and decided to stay... Gave me the hand job to erect the tent pole  ;)
We started in mish. Gave her a good pounding. For various reason I couldn't come quicker and she started saying you have only few minutes left. Moved her to the edge of the bed and pounded her harder.. Her pussy felt very nice.. not the tightest though. Finally came.. :angelgirl:

She said there will be girls working from 11 am till 5 am or 6 am in Romilly street (doing shifts though). She works in Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday in  day shifts. Sunday she continues into night shift and finishes at 4 am.

- Positive attitude.
 - Facially attractive.
- speaks  decent english
- Allowed full penetration and at sometime I felt she is also enjoying with little mourns.

-  A little clock watching
- Price seems slightly expensive than other Soho flats

Will I return:
May be for another quick dump if I couldn't find any one else.

Offline Miscm123

Nice girl, friendly enough, doesn't like tits touched and not great at oral.

And definitely fat

Nice girl, friendly enough, doesn't like tits touched and not great at oral.

And definitely fat

THIS fucks me off more than anything I can think of in the world of paid for sex

Girls with very big natural tits who dont like their tits being touched

The main fucking reason a titman like me books these monster jugged bimbos is to touch their tits, but no, they dont want you doing that  :dash: :dash: :dash: :dash:

Fucking idiotic and thanks for the heads up on this Miscm123

This wasn't my experience with Tina. I found her very tactile and keen to be touched. One of the best options in Soho at the moment in my opinion. As always YMMV and in Soho in particular the girls tend to make quick decisions about which punters they like and wish to encourage and which ones they don't. This is because much of the traffic is not seasoned punters and is constituted to a considerable extent by oafs, drunks, footie fans up for the day, city boys in the West End having a lark, etc., rather than seasoned punters who know the rules (as is more often the case with independents). Sometimes (and I've been the victim of this on occasion) Soho girls decide they aren't too keen on you from the get-go for reasons which are by no means obvious.

Best thing with the better reviewed girls IMHO is to sit back and enjoy a default service on your first visit (the £20 or £30 option), using a little charm to establish as far as possible a little rapport, and then think about nudging a bit for a little more on subsequent visits (assuming all went well on the first visit) by which time she will have decided you are a good client worth keeping.

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