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Photos are accurate body-wise, but I have to say in real life, she was a little less pretty than I had hoped she would be.  That, however, is just my view.  Also, despite an on-the-surface bubbly personality, I found her quite controlling once the action started.  There may have been a reason for this, though.  Banged on about having sore breasts, etc.  Well, fair enough but if you're a WG and your kit isn't working then take the fucking day off.  I'm not unsympathetic to our maladies and ailments but I'm also not happy about spending my money on someone who can't work to the appropriate standard because of them.

Light FK, O, RO, sex.  Didn't really take off at all and I didn't enjoy it.  Once a girl has told you she can't do various things due to health constraints, you tend not to even want to do the things she can do.  So, see above: she had a few physical issues at the time that were preventing her from performing properly and I was the victim.  It wasn't fun...just hard going. 

She has enough good feedback and enough about her for me to believe that she possibly could be a decent SP but on this occasion she fell far short of the mark.

A generous neutral from me.  I don't think I'll go back but I can imagine some will enjoy.
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