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Author Topic: NAUGHTYXXSAMANTHA Edinburgh  (Read 895 times)


Seems like an ok punt ostensibly, though the profile does say 'last week in Edinburgh' since about a month ago. Go figure.
Anyway, there's something about the profile, maybe the pictures of the fishnet body stocking, that reminds me of a gruesome twosome of Romanian ('Italian') sisters who were around a couple of years ago.
Can any fellow perverts confirm whether he's one of the infamous sisters? If not, has anyone been with her? Ther's only one review on UKP and it seems positive.

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Offline JazzMan

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I'm obliged to you, guys. It is as I thought.
Sometimes, when something seems too good to be true, it's because it is! So I won't be seeing NAUGHTYXXSAMANTHA anytime soon. Seems good looking but, why oh why, won't these Romanians deliver?

Offline morph

I met one of the sisters in my pre UKP days, one of the worst, it looks very much like them.

Offline Marmalade

Seem like a right pair of shysters. Add the name to the (long) list. "Eew I'm half Italian" Yeah, and I'm Silvio Berlusconi.

Been round the lying block so many times it's a wonder they can remember who they are.

Offline Marmalade

Even the profile text looks the same. They've just managed to get a new AW number. If only they put so much effort into their service.  :rolleyes:

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