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Author Topic: Thai Massage - Hendon  (Read 1154 times)

Offline SamLP


She's renting a room in the new Sakura massage shop right next to Hendon Central.
Decent massage from a petite and slim Thai girl. Maybe mid to late 20's. Cute girl who made the effort to chat and have a laugh. She brushed against my balls several times and eventually asked towards the end if I wanted to be massaged "there". No faffing about, she said it was £20 and let me touch her over her clothes, although I sneekily put my hand inside to grab her arse. Having been ill for the best part of 10 days I was bursting having not been able to punt. Her technique was excellent, a gentle smooth tug, caressing the balls, tweaking the nipples and had me spurting moments later. A nice girl, gave me a hug on the way out. She's renting on a per week basis so not sure how long she will be there for.

Offline Rupert

Sounds good, haven't been to Salam Thai for nearly a year now so might try this place out. Do you know if there are other thai ladies working there..

Offline SamLP

I don't know tbh. The girl I saw doesn't work for this place. She's rented one of the rooms for a week.
As a place I'm not sure it has taken off or what it offers which may explain why they're having to rent their rooms out.

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