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Author Topic: First punt memories...  (Read 4336 times)

For some reason, this evening I thought about my first ever punt. It was nearly 20 years ago in London and her name was Josephine. I've read some horror stories about first punts, but my experience actually was pretty good.

There was a minimal website for the agency, with just one small pic of Josephine, but it was a simpler time when you didn't need a gallery of images to browse through! I also opted for an outcall, which surprises me when I look back on it, but I didn't really know anything about the parlour business back then.

I distinctly remember paying £130 - boggles the mind to think that prices have barely gone up, if at all, in the 20 years since - but then I have no idea what Manchester prices were at the time.

After making the booking, Josephine called to arrange details. I found this extremely exciting, talking to a woman I'd never met, knowing that I was going to fuck her in about an hour. I remember my voice was actually shaky with nerves and adrenaline as I asked her to wear black stockings and suspenders for me, but she was very easygoing over the phone - had no doubt heard it all before.

When the doorbell rang an hour or so later I was a bag of nerves. The front door to my flat was down a flight of stairs and I let her in and then followed her up the stairs, enjoying the sight of her ass in a tight black skirt. Nowadays I would enjoy a cheeky grope and laugh about it, but then I was too shy!

Josephine was chatty and very friendly, a lovely blonde milf who must have been in her early to mid thirties, although the agency had claimed 26 (if I remember correctly). She stripped off totally and got dressed in her black lingerie while we chatted. Nowadays I would hope for a girl to be dressed for action from the start, but this was all new to me so I enjoyed watching her pull on her stockings, fasten her suspenders and pull a pair of skimpy black knickers on. She was fully shaved and it was the first time I'd experienced that - I still prefer a bit of hair to be honest. One of her suspenders proved difficult and she asked if I could help. My hands were shaking as I fastened the last suspender, not even taking the chance to stroke her thighs or ass. I was such an amateur!

Onto the bed (I was naked by now), we started with kissing, which developed into French. I badly wanted to lick her so she lay down and let me get to work between her thighs. She was very smooth, maybe waxed rather than shaved, and I spent maybe five minutes licking away at her pussy.

Although I was enjoying things (a lot), nerves were stopping me from getting hard. She gave me manual stimulation, but did not offer oral and I didn't know enough to ask for it. After about 10 minutes of this we were were going nowhere and I said that if we started to have sex things might work. She was doubtful, and my cock was really in full retreat by this stage, but I slid a condom on and got between her legs with her on her back. The sight of her spread and willing, in those lovely black stockings, was a turn-on and as soon as I slid the end of my dick inside her I started to feel the familiar feeling. The nerves just went, to be replaced by lust and my cock simply grew inside her. Making sure to keep pulling the condom down further as I expanded into her, I was soon fully hard and enjoying the look of surprise on her face.

We then went at it. I had her on her back, on her side and on all fours and she was really up for it. With her on her back again I pinned her legs back and started to bang her hard. Out of nowhere I got the tingling sensation and stopped to recover, but at exactly the wrong (or right) moment, she gave a really sexy little gyration with her hips, as if she wanted me to keep fucking her. It tipped me over the edge and I had no option but to slam into her hard for a few strokes before cumming inside her.

She remained friendly, and we kissed a bit as I lay on top of her.

It was far from a perfect punt then, but not a bad initiation into the world of escorts!

Offline Jay-Jay

All that's missing is a link for that to go in the reports section. Pretty good one too!


Offline GreyDave

 :hi: 338 years ago!!! :scare:  £10 50p tip did a sigapore girl 2 for that

Offline unclepokey

Diane of Bushey.
I was as nervous as hell. I need not have been, Those that remember this beautiful and kind lady will understand how she forgave me as my trembling hads spilt the orange squash she gave me. I saw her the other day in another life. She's just fine.
Uncle Pokey

I lost my virginity aged 18 to an ex-playboy bunny girl who was aged around 55. Loved a mummy ever since.

Offline Nagilum

I lost my virginity aged 18 to an ex-playboy bunny girl who was aged around 55. Loved a mummy ever since.

School finish early did it?

Offline Gooner

I remember when I found Adultwork for the first time. Mind was blown that you could have access to any women there with just one text or call. Literally looked at AW for ages, looking at images, reviews and reports. Eventually got the courage to go for it and messaged an older lady. She was a proper milf type. In the original message I explained that it was my first punt and that I never had any feedback etc. She added me on MSN for a chat and then gave me her number.

Set the meet up for one evening after work. Leaving work I text her to say I was on my way and when she replied she said asked what colour lingerie I would like her to wear. That turned me on so much lol. Got there about 20 minutes earlier and had to wait. Was absolutely nerve racking. Once I we met though it was great. Long RO, then 69, missionary and then doggy. Remember he saying telling me I was the same age as her son too. I left a happy man. :D

Link to profile: https://www.adultwork.com/121404

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Offline mrfishyfoo

When I was a lad there was none of this tinterweb shite AW and all that nonsense. Choice was a street pounder or the local wink wink we know what goes off in there massage parlour. There was no chance of getting anywhere near the better quality "agency" girls unless and introduction was made.

I was lucky as the job I did at the time meant I was around people that were getting "entertained". One of the ladies mistakenly thought I was with the VIP's and took me in hand as that's what she was there for. Jenny she was called and she was a student who worked for an agency that offered services to VIP clients.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I was fucking a hooker until it was pointed out to me afterwards that was what she was and that was what I had done.

Never looked back from there.

Offline GreyDave

Diane of Bushey.
I was as nervous as hell. I need not have been, Those that remember this beautiful and kind lady will understand how she forgave me as my trembling hads spilt the orange squash she gave me. I saw her the other day in another life. She's just fine.
Uncle Pokey

Grey moment ....38 years ago also remember doing Diane a few times nice lady :drinks: :drinks:

Mine was many years ago.... mid70s it has to be. A massage parlour had opened up on Tithebarn Street in Liverpool. As a randy early 20s guy, I knew from magazines like "Playbirds" what (allegedly) went on is such places, so, hugely nervous, I took the plunge and went in.

A fairly attractive 30 something mixed-race lady met me, took my money ( dont remember how much), showed me to a changing room and told me to undress and go into the sauna and wait for her to call for me.

In the sauna was a great stack of Color Climax magazines, and, under them, as I later discovered, a little folder of polaroid pics of the mixed race lady I had just met, nude, and in two of them, handling a big hard cock.

Of course, as a young healthy man, relatively sexually inexperienced, the hard core porn  gave me a painfully huge erection.  The sauna door opened, and the woman stood there. "I think you're ready for your massage" she said, and led me by my cock to another room where I had my first ever blowjob.

Looking back I would probably decline now as she probably wasn't that attractive, but a first bj in a first punt remains in the memory!

Offline StevenS

About 15 years ago, very drunk in a soho walk up

Offline Oddbod

 30 years ago, Chedder Rd window girl. £15
I loved it. Hooked at the first punt.

Only the two punts for me so far. My first was a parlour in Hull. Knew the girl I wanted before I'd arrived. Good and utterly filthy(in an awesome way). My main memory is watching this vixen on the ceiling mirror as she was blowing me whilst thinking to myself "why didn't I do this sooner".  :)

Offline hexohm

Street whore behind a skip on an industrial estate, £20 for a fuck and i blew in an about 3 minutes. Think her name was andrea or something.  Fucking loved it, nearly 20 years ago and have been a punter ever since

Walk up in D'Arblay St, 1st or 2nd floor flat over looking forward the street. Some old bird would fit a rubber that was no different in thickness to a toy ballon. Always had a red light bulb on, no light shade. I think the mattress was made of straw as it sagged So much in the middle. The room had a small sink the prossie would wash your cock in; way before wet wipes!

I then ventured do into Wardour Mews where I had my first black BBW encounter. Will never forget the number of loiters down that stretch of tarmac. All waiting on two or three other girls to become free.

Offline Buttons

10 years ago in West Bridgford, Notts in a nice modern apartment with a highly rated working girl of the time. Peaches if anyone remembers her? She's still on AW but no longer escorting. I spent weeks researching the punt.

https://www.adultwork.com/17516 or https://www.adultwork.com/Peaches

Pictures on her profile are from the time, I have no idea how accurate they are now.

Absolutely killer body, I told her it was my first time and I was nervous as hell. She was really excellent, brilliant attitude and I had a great time. Deep French kissing, OWO, CIM, reverse oral (I'm pretty sure her orgasm was genuine), offered me anal (had the lube out) but I popped second time in her pussy (in a condom of course). Introduced me to fisting, me to her. £120 for the hour.

I never went back, should have done though. My own fault, I was like a kid in a sweet shop, trying lots of different ladies. By the time I tried to book again she was moving to Spain. She did come back to Notts, but the escort tick box remained unticked.

A great memory and an excellent induction into the hobby. If only all punts were that good.
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Was about 5 years ago now in America. Very attractive and curvy girl and a good introduction to the punting world

My first time was in Derby Road, Southampton in 1978.
Went in a pub first before walking down the road and picking a girl who was stood outside her house.
She was short. Small room in a terraced house. It was cold.

On her ass was stamped "Property of Hell's Angels Northam". :scare: Don't think I came.

No such issues after that. Derby Road used to be great. Haven't been down there for years.

Regards, Invader

New York City on my birthday.  Paid for 3 hours but she stayed the night in my random hotel.  A lot of fun, but was then like "wtf did I just do??" the next day.

went to a strip club in Birmingham,  mate wanted more,  I had no idea what he meant.  got in a taxi and my mate said "take us to a massage parlour".

We stopped at the cashpoint (£60 from memory) and ended up at some place on the Hagley Road,  loads of girls came out and we picked one each... and the rest,  as they say is history.

Offline Sonny Crockett

First punt was abroad. Was OK. Couldn't climax at the end as condom made my dick too soft. Got a good honest fuck out of her though, so was happy.
Banning reason: Troll

Offline Fredj

Mid 1990's in Oxford. Phoned an ad in the paper and got an address that I went to just outside the center. When I arrived, the front door was slightly ajar. I assumed that this was just how these sort of things worked (and made a mental note to look for more slightly ajar doors).

I let myself in and wandered into the living room where upon the maid screamed thinking I was an intruder ( I guess in hindsight I was).

Was a great punt though despite the dodgy start.

Offline bigfish

Over thirty years ago, street girl in a back alley she was quite nice, blow job, feel of tits, and a fuck from behind with her bent over. All for a tenner.

Offline Corus Boy

20? Years ago.

Ariana Chevalier


The above image was the bait.  :D

Booking was to a hotel and I was bricking going through the reception area when my phone rang.  It was Ariana calling to ask if I had arrived and would I kindly pop into the shop and buy some sandwiches as she had no lunch!

I replied yes without thinking to ask what sort, so as I presented a selection at the checkout the hilarity of the scene struck me, nerves vanished and I strode through reception without a thought.
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