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Offline xanthos

https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=3345168   :(

So I was looking for a local punt and this profile stood out, comms was ok but I started to fear the worst when she gave the address, a place I'd been before and frequented by a couple of Chinese girls, a very unmemorable punt.

Anyway she looked cute in the pictures and she sounded ok on the phone so I got there and she buzzed me in. What greeted me at the door was none of the saucy lingerie and sultry looks... more of a very tired and disheveled young girl in baggy boxers and a tank top t.  Kind of reminded me of Beatrice Dalle in Betty Blue..but after she went mad!

I asked if she was ok because she looked awful..big black bags under the eyes..hair all over the place - looked like she needed a shower, No way could I go through with it, I asked if kissing was included knowing full well it wouldn't be..she said no and I said thanks but I'll leave it for today.

I left kind of feeling pretty bad for her..obviously this business is not for her...and looks like it has already taken it's toll very badly.
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Offline pumps

Shame about that, these Romanians are like a box of chocolates you never know what your gonna get.

I actually saw her on Tavistock rd recently, in the evening, she was quite presentable and cheery (for a romanian)  at the time and the service met what I expected of a romanian.

I didn't leave with a spring in my step, but regret levels of dumping £60 were very low!

Thanks for the review!

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