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Author Topic: Anyone's else had an assjob/asswank??  (Read 2157 times)


Title says it all I guess same principle of a tit wank but with bum cheeks instead. I love it makes me cum quicker than any other sex act.  :-)

15 review(s) found for alicia_masseuse linked to in above post (15 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

15 review(s) found for alicia_masseuse linked to in above post (15 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)


Thought a few more be in to this I love it. 

Any ladies like this service??

Offline Manimo

My last gf loved this. She sometime didn't want fucked. She would just bend over and I had to stick my cocktail between her assume and clamp it in there till the finish. Was good at first but got a little boring

Offline uutarn

Its officially called hotdogging, and its on my bucket list.

Just gotta find a girl in my area with an ass that can accommodate.


Hotdogging love it. Never knew that. It's only 12.23am and I've learnt something new already today :-)

Offline Sonny Crockett

I've done it a few times. Love it!!! Gets me ready for anal fucking!!!
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Offline JustBrowsing2016

Yea done this with big booty tiffany, shot a massive load over her head, she was shocked.
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You are giving me an idea for tomorrow, hot dogging sounds fun. Just add mustard.

This used to be a regular occurrence with the lovely Liberty/Rebecca, back when I used to see her at Sandys. Most times we did it as a warm-up, but once I asked if we could go back to it at the end of the session to finish off.

This was what I was generally "allowed to do" to my ex wife as a compromise if she didn't want sex.

As the OP says i find it can make me come really quickly, especially as she had a lovely arse.

And on rare occasions she would get worked up by it and then let me fuck her, only for it to last a few moments as I was already at the vinegar strokes haha

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