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Author Topic: Koa gone again????  (Read 865 times)

Offline slickb

Good Morning All,

Just noticed that Koa's profile has gone again.  I was really excited to see her back (my best experience on AW) made a booking and all was confirmed but she had to cancel on the day. Rearranged but I never heard from her again.  I always found Koa reliable in the past so I was really surprised not to hear anything back.  I was hoping to arrange a visit this weekend but her profile has gone.
Has anyone seen her recently?
Hope she hasn't gone permanently that will be a real shame.


I managed to see her early last week (which was a very positive meet btw) just before she went silent couple days later....she seemed to be quite excited to come back to work and no indication of retiring again soon. It does seem quite strange. :unknown:

I sent her a text early this week but no reply obviously, now that she took down her profile again this is her third break/retirement in this past year. :cry:
When WGs are leaning towards retirement and not as marketing ploy, they all seem to be more flakey towards the end of their career. The struggle between working and quitting i guess...

Offline realist

Agree a shame. I was meant to meet her yesterday but she had not confirmed so assumed the worst. And now with no profile it's a cert.

Anyway guess depends on what else is happening in her life. She was/is a great girl and wish her the best!

Offline iPad3

Aaahhhh Boluucks!! Another good one I wanted to see bites the dust!!

Ahhh bollocks,
Cant believe she's dissappeared again.
That's the one thing I found her lacking in.
Each occasion she's dissappeared with no warning  :unknown:

Apologise for late reply but just seen this. Koa cancelled my an hour before outcall. seemed very distressed, hope she is ok

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