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Author Topic: Skye Dupree GLASGOW  (Read 1189 times)

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Offline guns

Gave Skye a phone yesterday just so sound her out about availability and found myself booking her for 2 hours later , she sounded so sexy on the phone  :D , and i'm glad i did . Easily one of my best punts ever .
Got to her place and was greeted at the door with a big kiss and cuddle . Gorgeous looking girl with perfect white teeth  [Removed by admin on request]
Great big flat , very modern . I was shown through to the bedroom with a big four poster bed and en-suite . Jumped in for a nice shower and Skye pounced on me when i got back in . She was wearing nice little bra and panties and high heels . Her hair was in braids .
Started kissing me , loads of passionate dfk and she removed my towel and got me rock hard . She dropped to her knees and started sucking me then moved me onto the bed for more kissing and she went down again .
Probably one of the best blowjobs i've had , lots of dt and nice and sloppy then sucking my balls and licking the shaft and head . Fucking amazing and no rush at all . She kept at it for a good ten mins , even then i had to stop her before i blew it .
Got her back on the bed for some reverse oral and a good suck of her tits .
i was kneeling on the bed and she went down for more sucking ( this girl loves to suck cock ), while i played with her pussy and arse as she lay face down .
On with the condom and went for missionary with loads of dfk , then onto doggy really pounding her and she takes it really well . At this point i was on the verge and told her that . I must have been nearly out of time but she told me to stop for a bit so i didn't cum and we lay and kissed for a bit . ( never had that from an escort before )
Once i had calmed down she jumped on top and rode me as i played with her big tits and after a few mins i knew i was going to pop .
I told her i was going to cum and she says " ok , cum in my mouth "  :yahoo: . Superb .
More sucking and deepthroating till i was ready the gently wanked me into her mouth and sucked every drop out of me .
She went to the bathroom to spit it out as i got cleaned up .
We chatted for a good ten minutes afterwards and it was me who had to bring it to an end or i think we could have been there for hours . Lovely chatty girl with a great personality and there was never any hurry from the moment i walked in .
She gives a great gfe and i was totally relaxed in her company . As i said , one of my best punts ever and possibly the best as i'm struggling to think of a better one i've had .
All i can say is get in there while she's here  :yahoo: :thumbsup:

Offline seeker

Guns you must have had a good time  :thumbsup:
You forgot to put the link in  :rolleyes:
I'll have to make a visit. ..
Sample the hospitality  ;)

14 review(s) found for Skyedupree linked to in above post (14 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline mavgoose

Nice review guns. The no rush policy is clearly not a coincidence. That explains why yesterday, she had one free "appointment" and I was able to come and go at my own speed.

It's these little things that I value more and more.

Offline chico1000

Looks good thanks for sharing.
Banning reason: Troll

Offline Courtney

Weight: 10 and a half stone......the same as me! :D
Looking at her pictures.....a really BIG girl, I'd no doubt be crushed to death. :wacko:

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