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Author Topic: Congratulations And Thanks Ledley  (Read 601 times)

Online Corus Boy

Your ‘A FANTASTIC week to be in Cardiff (for Asian lovers)’  thread is almost two years old, 1300+ replies, 54 pages, over 100,000 views, rarely off the top of the Wales Board, lots of lovely gratuitous photos of lovely Asian ladies and apart from the excellent statistics, full of useful information for us punters!

The thread is a legend as are you Ledley.

Many thanks for your contributions.


Offline pork sword

I second that! A wealth of information that's been crucial for our punting benefit, Cheers :drinks: Ledley

Offline Mil 34

Great post but shame about the standard of the Asian ladies out there. From what I've seen on here there's only ever been a few who have been worth a visit.
I've walked away from A lot in my punting career.

We all love you long time Ledley

Offline HughJardon

Yes thankyou Ledley and also everyone thats contributed to that thread. The advertising for the shops is pretty unconventional so thanks one and all for there Toffting and revealing skills.

Obligatory Asian pic

Offline ledley

Cheers cb and gents  :drinks: im glad i created it but even more glad it has formed as a useful asian guide for the cardiff scene. Heres to another 50 pages of asian reviews ha ha
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Offline ruffrider

Ledley puts George Mcoy to shame!

Well done!!

Ledley puts George Mcoy to shame!

Well done!!
Completely agree - outstanding dedication!

Offline Redevil86

Personally , I've never visited the girls listed on this thread, but do dip in and out as there are a few on this thread I'd love to see. but would like to add my name to the list celebrating Ledley's  shear love and dedication to this aspect of his hobby, the work he puts in is quite staggering realy, generally the Wales boards are relatively quiete compaird to some others , but if it wasn't for the work that Ledley ( and Hugh etc ) I'd be watching porn all the time ! Good work .

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