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Author Topic: Starnatalia of Morley  (Read 1124 times)

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Having had Natalia on my to do list for a while but having been unable to see her due to her limited working hours I texted her this morning to enquire if she was available today and to my delight she was so I made an appt to see her on her arrival at her premises.

Comms were very good and had no problem finding the location but have to admit was slightly wary as it does seem somewhat shady but I need not have worried as the flat itself is very clean and cozy.  On my arrival the door buzzed and I went in and could not see Natalia at the top of the stairs but she motioned me to come up the stairs and there she was and I have to say, she is very hot, very friendly and bubbly so was put at ease immediately.

Into the bedroom we went and the paperwork was quickly sorted and I declined a shower as I always have a shower before going on a punt and Natalia lay on the bed as I was undressing and was chatting away (she is very chatty but I have no problem with this at all as it breaks the ice) and I joined her on the bed where she pounced on me starting nibbling on my nippled, my chest, ny neck and moving down towards my cock that was by now rock hard and she proceeds to give me some toe curling oral which consisted of changing the tempo back and forth, licking up and down the shaft, sucking on my balls whilst looking up and making sensual eye contact and she then made her way back up my chest and we started some DFK which she does with gutso and I was gently rubbing her clit with my finger and could feel she was getting rather wet indeed and the more I rubbed the more passionate her DFK was getting and she whispered in my ear that she loves having her clit rubbed so I continued rubbing away and she then jumps down and sticks my cock in her mouth and sucks like a goddess and moves her body round and asks me to rub her some more so being the gent I am I oblige and I can sense she is nearing orgasm and she then proceeds to squirt some oil on her front and starts sliding herself up down my body whilst kissing my body at the same time and then starts to give me a tit wank and it felt very nice indeed and I then told her that I was hungry and it was my turn to eat  :wacko:

She lays on her back and I gently start running my tongue up and down her snatch, teasing her clit and she has a very clean and fresh fanny that is almost perfectly smooth apart from a tiny little patch of hair shaved into a kind of V shape, I continued this for a while and I can sense she is once again on the brink and she pushing my head inbetween her legs and clamping her legs round my head and on this I slide a finger inside her and she is very wet indeed and I start rubbing her g-spot and she seems to be really enjoying it and pays compliments on my oral which only spurs me on further and I proceed to rim her which sends her groan and moan volume up slighter and I lick her snatch from top to bottom to which she moans quiet loudly and I then kiss the inside of her thighs, her belly, chest, nipples (which were rock hard) and go in for some further passionate DFK to which she then says she wants to be fucked and she asks where I want her and I say her on top and she proceeds to climb on top in reverse cow girl and starts not by riding me but by lowering herself up and down with pace and this I have to admit is the first time I have done reverse cow girl but by god she made it enjoyable and she fucked me furiously with me slapping her buttocks and I am not shy to admit I didnt last very long as she was doing such a good job and she didnt climb off immediately but slowed right down to ensure she emptied every last drop of me into the hat and it felt glorious.

When she did climb off she cleaned me up and asked if I could come a second time and I am normally a one pop man in a half hour session so said it probably would not happen and she then proceeded to give me a massage using some oil whilst the whole time we were chatting and I asked about extending the session but unfortunately she had another client booked in so was not a possibility which is a shame.

I now realize that we have gone 10mins over time and her next client is soon to arrive so I mention this to her and I start getting dressed and with a final snog I make my way.

All in all this was a extremely pleasant meeting with a very bubbly, friendly and extremely hot and horny girl who really enjoys what she does and it shows and there was nothing negative whatsoever so if you have not met her yet, once you have you will not regret it and I certainly will go back but not sure when as her working hours makes it quiet hard for me to go and visit her but may consider an outcall as she does these outside her normal working hours.

14 review(s) found for starnatalia linked to in above post (13 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

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 :kiss: Arrr I am glad you enjoyed you so sweet man I  love your oral wow :wackogirl:top man Xx

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:kiss: Arrr I am glad you enjoyed you so sweet man I  love your oral wow :wackogirl:top man Xx

You sound well worth a visit when I am in Leeds next :)

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