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Author Topic: Sexy Siren xxx Swansea - anyone seen her?  (Read 1142 times)

Offline Paulsenis

In the punting shithole of Swansea, this girl's profile has caught my eye.

Says she is Asian and her 'likes' menu looks comprehensive.

Feedback on AW looks good but can never fully trust the one paragraphers. Anyone had any experience of her, ie are the likes true, looks, place, vfm etc?


1 review(s) found for Sexy South Asian XXX linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Cheeseman

Ive been looking at her profile . Maybe one of us should tofft and find out and report back

She uses to be with one of the agencies under a different name, can't remember which one, but has been in Swansea a while,,


Offline Paulsenis

I don't think Saira Swansea from the adultzone link is the same girl.
The pictures and the rates (even if the adultzone one is agency) don't match up.
Shelooks tempting but I was hoping to see some proper feedback on her prior to going in.
Ive had some shit punts in Swansea so don't want to risk £120 and find she is another one to fall into this category

I saw this girl she is the one on the above UZkzone link.
She is a student, either Arab or Pakistani,  working with 2 other walesh girls.
renting this flat as their in-call place. The flight is clean & tidy. But they do not have towels for wash.

The Girl: big bottom, small boobies, fat bodied black color girl. Very chatty & talks nicely, agree to do everything when we book her. later-she starts with a lot of her ailment. She does a lot of fake moan & swears a lot f**k words.

IMO not VFM & recommended.

Offline Paulsenis

Thanks for that sky hunter.
Will avoid and keep on looking.
Apart from little minx in Llanelli, punting around Swansea and the surrounding area is very grim at the moment.

Offline playpal69

Hi guys,
Just joined the forum, first post.
I've had a few punts around Swansea, Sexy Siren being one, I'd fully agree, she's one to avoid.
Charges £120 an hour, then says covered oral is extra!!
That said, it was a pleasant enough hour, mostly chat.

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