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Author Topic: Platinum Cindy - West London  (Read 1102 times)

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West London Hotel

I arranged this quite a while ago.  Cindy's willingness to book a long time in advance, often necessary with her, actually works to my advantage as I don't live in London and can arrange to buy cheap advance train tickets.  Adele4U recently conveyed the same courtesy by allowing me an advance booking as well, and everything went very smoothly in both cases - but Adele is another (positive) review I didn't get around to doing unfortunately, and now too much time has passed for that.

Comms were very good with Cindy.  As I'd made the booking so far in advance I dropped in an AW email a few days before just to confirm everything was still good, and got the reply that we were all set.  On the day I confirmed by text and got a quick reply from PC before catching my train which is always reassuring, to avoid the risk of a wasted journey.  Once in London I arrived in the area of the hotel early and let her know I was ready when she was, before getting invited up about 10 minutes early, with some very clear directions leaving me with no uncertainty about where to go.

Upon opening the door Cindy greeted me warmly and with kisses.  She was wearing a tight fitting and very revealing black dress which left little to the imagination, with black hold ups and Loubs.  Fantastic curves all round, and her long black hair and makeup was all done perfectly; very imaculate even up close, especially around the eyes. She has really sexy green eyes and I was getting drawn into things a bit and starting to get hard, but I wanted to freshen up first after my journey before really getting started, so reluctantly pulled myself away and was directed to the shower.

The hotel room looked in decent shape, and facilities were good.  I quickly showered and dried myself using a fresh towel.  Cindy had offered me a range of drinks but I only took water for now, saying maybe something stronger later.

Back out to the room, and straight into some exceptional kissing, dfk and caressing while standing, running my hands all over her.  I was in no massive rush (never am), just enjoying the build up.  What I wanted from Cindy was kind of a GFE but with a girl with porn star looks, and she delivered this in spades.  In her photos she often looks quite serious but she smiles a lot in person and has a great sensual touch, which is what I was after.  The dress slipped off easily, leaving her completely naked aside from hold ups and heels.  I flipped her round, kissing her neck from behind, which I enjoy doing, and she seemed to respond well to this.  I was now aware of how rock hard I was from all this, and my cock was pressing into the small of her back.  Then, with her still standing in her heels, I crouched down to kiss and gently kneed that awesome arse of hers. 

After more exploring of her body, I directed her onto the bed so she was on all fours with her bum facing up towards me, and I started to tongue her pussy a bit from behind, before gently guiding her around to face me.  She took the hint immediately without me having to ask, and started to suck my cock with me standing close to the bed.  Amazing technique, but quite soft initially and not deep (but that's perfect to start).

Next we were down on the bed for more kissing while she teased my cock with her hands, before more OWO with me lying back on the bed.  PC started to get more serious now, mixing intervals of deep throat, and quite a lof of what I would call 'half deep throat' delivered fairly vigorously, which felt, looked and sounded incredible.  After a while I was getting fairly excited so lifted Cindy off me before going for RO.  Very good hygeine was observed, very immaculate, and I enjoyed exploring the piercing right at the top of her pussy.

I was ready to fuck her now, and she found a pretty good fitting condom and straddled me, just easing her way into it initially, which is awesome to watch.  After a while she was mixing grinding in cowgirl, giving me full sight of those massive tits, with leaning forward onto me and popping her hips and bum up and down exaclty how I like - she can really ride - while kissing saying all kinds of sweet and sexy stuff into my ear, really getting me going.  This was great cowgirl with a good mixture of movement and intimacy / kissing (sometimes either one or the other is lacking), and it was too good for me to hold out to do other positions, so I popped into the condom with her on top of me.

Afterwards we cuddled, kissed, and chatted about stuff in general.  Nothing too serious, and we had a good laugh while I was recovering.

Round two started with another lengthly oral session, before going into doggy (covered).  Cindy was into it as I picked up the pace, and I was enjoying the sight of her toned body and bubble butt in front of me.  We swapped for more cowgirl, at which point I really became aware of her wetness.  I only mention it because the feeling of her juices running onto me in cowgirl was so sexy.  She was now also leaning back to play with her clit while I thrust up into her.  Again, she knows exactly what sort of stuff to say to me to get me excited, delivered with a sexy voice with just a faint accent which comes and goes at times.  For the finish we went back to OWO, and the way Cindy switched techniques at exactly the right moment gave me one of the best orgasms I've ever had, period.  Switching from sucking when I was already quite excited, she started to wank just underneath the head of my cock while wrapping her mouth around the head while flicking it with her tongue.  As I was getting very close, she then switched back to fairly deep and very vigorous sucking, and the shock of this change in sensation just on the edge of orgasm pushed me over in the most intense, incredible climax as I finished into her mouth.

Now I really was ready for a proper drink, and was happy to accept a Jack and Coke from Cindy, which was a perfect post-coital beverage.  I don't drink full fat coke, so was glad that Cindy had Coke Zero.  Again we had a bit of a chat and a laugh, Cindy talking about how Adele likes to motorboat her tits when she sees her (I must see that before I die).

Round 3 started with more oral, then we went into missionary (covered) before ending with a hand finish.  To be honest by this stage my cock was absolutely pulverised so Cindy did very well to get this out of me.  I've never been able to come a lot of times in one day, even when I was a teenager, so prefer longer sessions and taking my time with long build ups to a really good finish (hence the 3hr booking).

I finished with a shower.  Although I was pretty determined to get out the door on time as there were some tube delays, Cindy was telling me not to rush and take my time even though I had come up early at the start of the appointment.  There were hugs and kisses and it felt like Cindy didn't want to let go yet, but I headed out the door nevertheless, with a spring in my step.

All in all this was a fantastic 3hrs.  Admittedly, I'd had to pay for a ticket to come to London but that wasn't too much if booked months in advance, so even added to the £320 Cindy charged for 3hrs the price didn't feel too outrageous to me.  I'd wanted a sensual experience but with a glamour / pornstar looking girl, and this is exactly what I got from Cindy without really having to discuss it too much beforehand, (which is always a buzzkill for me).
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