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Offline fick87


Hey boys and gals,

I just saw sweetgirlaw and it's the best punt I have had. I have been slack writing reviews, which I feel bad about as this place is invaluable.
I read she was shy and didn't speak much English somewhere. I got the complete opposite person to that. Her English is as good as her written emails. She is clearly an intelligent person. Very relaxed deamenor , open and chatty.


She is lovely looking, big Brown eyes , sexy smile. I would say she is more a size 8 than a 10 but who is complaining. It makes change going down in numbers than up when meeting. In her 20s like on her profile, she is young looking with good skin. She is reasonably tall and slender.


She offered a shower with clean towels and well kept bathroom. We chatted for a few minutes with some light hearted banter with her wrapping her legs around me which was very sexy. I like pampering a girl so started with light kisses and light massage around her body. She responded very well to this and I think got her in the kpod and relaxed her. I ate her pussy for 5 minutes which further helped. Then some oral without and 69. Then on to the sex. Did cowgirl for awhile, her expressions are very sexy to look at. Then some doggy also awesome. Then showered and chatted afterwards . She went well over 30 mins so I decided to tip her a tenner as it's rare escorts do this imo.

Comms were quick and efficient too, although I had signal issues.

Easy 10/10 for me as you can probably tell.I have seen my fair share of girls and this was my best experience. I guess you just click with some ppl.

I think if you treat her well she will reward you with a very natural experience.

9 review(s) found for Antonia31 linked to in above post (8 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Mil 34

How short are you if you think she's tall mate :D.
Sounds like a bait and switch to me as the girl I saw was about 5ft.
No worries if the b&s is a good one I suppose

Her profile says 5'7, so we have a short tall average height girl? Gotta be B&S.... Buts a good B&S

Offline Redevil86

Soon as I read the first few lines I instantly thought it did't sound like the same girl , as in the girl mil 34 reviewd ?

it's all about the ASS!!!

Mil, is that the ass you drilled in the photo? Two little sunspots either side of her spine
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Offline Mil 34

Yes looked like that ass to me.
Still if the b and s is this good who cares  :thumbsup:

Just went to this place there is 2 girls working there . Blonde girl on the  profile and a shorter brunette . Just depends whos free when u get there, Yes she is taller than 5'7 .
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Offline Mil 34

I definitely saw a really short blonde girl so there must be 3 girls there. How was your punt any chance of a review for us

Lets keep it nice and simple as my literature is rubbish.
Got to place was welcome in by a tall blonde. Handed money over offered me a shower which I did.
After shower i laid on bed she asked me what i like to do . I said whatever as im a bit new to this . So ask if i liked to kiss, so we did . then she went down and gave me owo. Then i went down on her finished her of then OWO again and she finished me off on top. She offered me a second go  but I was in a rush so had to decline even tho it was a   30min booking . She ones horny woman lol  and love to f**k. On the way out Had a little peak of her friend  , was a shorter brunette.
I think they staying till 7th april

Offline Mil 34

Sounds a good punt too. Not sure how long this Romanian service can keep going for  :thumbsup:
From me

Then i went down on her finished her of

I'd love to hear a little more on what went on here if you could?  :bomb: :bomb:

seems like shes got a new profile . https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=3472274

This is the blonde I saw, got some decent face pics too  :D

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Offline wonky

if this is the girl then i've missed out! stunning!! says last day here.. hope thats not the case

Offline fick87

Yup that's the girl. She is known as amazing Anna. The link up top was her friends.

Offline fick87

Wasnt a bate and switch, the profile used was only temporary. Anna is about 5'8 or 5'9 and very slender.
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Offline jackyng

How can i get access to the profile in AW of hers? :dash:

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