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Author Topic: Bella 69 - Braintree  (Read 731 times)

https://www.adultwork.com/3405310 or https://www.adultwork.com/%7EBella+69%7E

Anyone sampled this?

Looks too good to be true, profile is obviously not written by her. Also, states that she is blonde in her profile... I'm still young so don't think I need to take a trip to the opticians just yet.

Not a very old profile either. Also, wtf is a fit Rom like that doing in Braintree

Offline oohermrs

My thoughts exactly...

I've just been let down (again) by tasty bum in Colchester today  :angry:  (will be writing up a negative review shortly) and saw Bella.

Nothing on here.  10 reviews on AW, which, although not always reliable is a lot better than 0.

There's been precious few TOFTTs lately around here.  It's time to lead by example...dialling now   ;)

Offline robboflam

Hmmm...15 miles from me so if she is for real I feel a little trip coming on. Does look a bit too good to be true though... WOW :yahoo:

Offline robboflam

Defo not blonde and can't decide what her name is either...is it Bella or Anemona ??

Offline oohermrs

Just called her.  Got no reply, but then received a text with the hotel details.  WTF?!  Normally, sort out a time first and the logistics stuff follows!

I've texted back asking what times she can do.  If I get this organised, I'll let you know how I get on.

Offline roger9

Watch out oohermrs ... if you try to read any of her customers 'ratings' details they are all 'protected' which makes me think they're all false ...

sounds dodgy to me ... remember the old saying... "if something looks too good to be true, it probably is" !!

    Be prepared to walk ...

Offline oohermrs

You're absolutely right, roger9.  I've walked before and will do so again if it feels wrong.

She's staying at a well known (i.e. in punter circles) hotel that is regularly used by touring girls.  I try and keep my eye out for this as every now and again, it can work out well.

Still no reply, so the signs aren't fantastic... :unknown:

The ignored call and the text spells out non talking English Rom to me, probably run by Sergie waiting in the car park or even the room next door.
Just because of this I won't be trying to see her, if she can't even answer the phone then something isn't right  :thumbsdown:

Offline roger9

I have to agree Goldenleaf, but we may be too late ... methinks that oohermrs might already be there ...

If we don't get a reply in the next hour or so we'll have to send out a search party. I know a few bruisers in the area (Clockhouse way if you are familiar with Braintree at all, it's a bit like the worst parts of Bucharest), so they could give Sergei a taste of his own medicine !!

Hopefully we're being unduly pessimistic, and Bella is a real gem ... let us know oohermrs if you do conquer !!

Offline oohermrs

Never did get a reply, so I'm still sitting (safe and well!) at home.

Booked in with Evy this afternoon instead. :drinks:

Offline roger9

Good Morning guys ...

It seems that Bella has relocated to Berkshire today... so only on a 1 day tour to sunny Essex.

From all the signs I think you made a very good choice oohermrs and stuck with Evy instead. Are you now as smitten with her as all her other 'regulars' are ??

Offline oohermrs

Well boys - yesterday had its ups and downs...having been pissed around by both tasty bum and Bella 69  :angry: (the downs)

The ups was my meeting with Evy   :D

To answer your question, yes, I'm pretty impressed with Evy.  She's a cut above what we normally see around here.  If you like a soft, sensuous MILF, put her on your HL.   :thumbsup:

Offline roger9

Thanks oohermrs  :thumbsup:

I do prefer the older (30-45  range) ladies, as being middle aged myself I just don't feel comfortable with girls younger than my daughters !!

having said that, if you do just want a really good massage with a bit of action, (OW, sex with Condom or just a nice oily HE) then I'd recommend Neena Oriental who is here for another week in Colchester.

I should really do a review, and will in a day or 2 ... just getting the hang of being a poster first... only started this new hobby 3 months ago, and already feel I'm getting a bit addicted ... :scare:

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