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Offline marco.f

Visited Tantra X few weeks ago for a massage:


Agreed by text 30 min / 50.

I don't remember the tube station (probably Hendon?): she gives you the postcode, it's a main street 10 mins from the tube, close to the bank (she tells you to go there, and then she gives you the flat number). Second floor or something like that. Lots of candles in the room, and oriental music (nice atmosphere).

Physically, I did not find her attractive. Very funny and polite. The massage was good, especially in the back, but not very sensual. Not much touching on the arse and legs, and balls. Finished with HR ("do you want to finish with HR?", funny question to ask.)

Alongside the massage she was always asking "is everything good". She told me she also gives Yoga lessons. She is easy to talk with, the massage was good, but I won't go back. Maybe it could be a positive, since it looked like a proper massage, but it lacked sensuality in my opinion.

Would I suggest her? Maybe yes, if you look for a semi-prof massage, no if you are looking for a hot girl.
Would I go back? No, I had a slightly better massage few weeks earlier.

1 review(s) found for Sahara x linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline marco.f

what does she wear mate?
I honestly don't remember, a normal dress, nothing sexy, and I'm afraid she is physically very far from my type, so it was OK like that for me.

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