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Author Topic: Hammersmith - Body to Body Massage - Revival Massage  (Read 1160 times)

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Offline archie19


Have been reading here a lot. Thought I will contribute especially given how bad it was and I wanted to tell people avoid at all costs.

Booked 60 mins for Body to Body massage with HE at 80 £.
Fairly easy process. Receptionist attending the phone texts the apartment block and then the apartment number when near.

Where - About 7-8 Minutes walk from the hammersmith station. Fairly discrete block of apartments. Usual quick open and entry.

Who - Honestly it didn't look like any of the girls in the pic. Was a 35+ chinese lady who probably looked like she was either sick or drunk.

Was the worst attempt at massage and although agreed for body to body , she was doing a hands only massage and was hell bent on offering full service for extra. I politely declined and asked for a massage and she continued disinterested.

Eventually got bored and after a lousy 40 minutes of attempted massage, asked her to finish it off with a HE and took a quick shower.

Room was semi decent. Shower was not so clean.

Complete waste of time. Would welcome any tips about a good body to body massage in west london or heathrow area.

Thanks for info. Have always wondered about this place. Sorry that you took the hit!

Offline Speedy

I visited this place a couple of times and found the service really good, although that was about 3 years ago. I went to it on the recommendation of another punter who spoke highly of it. Maybe it has gone downhill since I was last there, or perhaps still worth another shot?
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