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Author Topic: Blonde Roxy  (Read 763 times)

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I will try not be too much of a Fluffy idiot, but tbh I had a cracking time with Roxy earlier this week....

Comms were excellent. I had emailed via AW and followed up with txt requesting a meet earlier in the week and we couldn't figure out a time that worked for us both (I tend to be a same day punter), so when I had unexpected availability the next day I tried my luck and we were set.

Location was extremely convenient in central Bristol apartment. Nicely done out, clean and tidy with a decent size towel and nice shower.

This was my first time meeting Roxy and I could have sworn I had picked up from somewhere that she was English, but she's not she's EE (Polish?). Excellent English language skills (uh not too shabby on French, either, but we'll get to that in a mo lol) and evry easy and friendly to chat with.

She has a great body. It's not as slender as the one in the pics, it's more a curvy porn star body than a skinny catwalk model body. Me Likey! Nice boobs and Ass. She has a great smile.

We DFK'd once in the room, took care of the paperwork, then I was off to the showers.

Back from the shower all squeeky clean and ready to get down to business. So was Roxy. Stand up DFK, wandering hands from us both has her pants and bra off in short order. She's self conscious about her "baby tummy" (non existant tbh, she looks great) and leaves her top rolled down over her mid-section. Just fyi if you think that'll bother you, it didn't bother me.

Let's see, where were we? Oh yeah, on the bed applying manual manipulation deep inside her. She gets real wet real quick and loved being played with. RO was well received and I believe she came there. :yahoo: If you're nice she'll let you play with her Ass, too.

Eventually it was my turn and she had mad skills. OWO, deep, lots of BLS and took instruction well. She teased me for a while and then I eventually could take no more and blew my load down her throat. It disappeared without a trace.

Little cleanup was needed and we cuddled and chatted whilst Mini Me recovered. Eventually, Roxy fiddles with him enough he awoke and we were off for round 2. More OWO, then on with a cover and Cowgirl (excellent, has a good bounce and puts lots of effort and energy into it) and mish, then off with the cover for HR to finish up round 2.

I mentioned above I thought she looked like a porn star and there was a moment when we were going at it in Mish when I looked down at her and she had this porn star glow about her face, like she was having as much fun as me. I'm sure it's in my head, as there is no way a knackered old fart like me can be that good, but it was certainly fun and added to the fantasy in my head.

Cleanup on aisle 1, shower and a nice kiss before I hit the street.

Now I need a flimsy excuse to go visit her down in Exeter....

OK so I failed to reign in the fluff, shoot me now... :dash:

8 review(s) found for  NAUGHTY ROXY linked to in above post (8 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Roth

Nice review.  :drinks: She's a great punt.  :rose: :rose:

Deffo Polish. :thumbsup:  You might have confused her with the English prossie Bristol Roxy.  A good punt as well but not in the same league as Blonde Roxy.  :)

Offline Bingobango

Great review!

No harm in a little fluff now and then, it should be part of a GFE I reckon.

At 120/hour she seems great value, is she back in Bristol anytime soon?


No idea when she's back. Her profile mentions Easter Holidays....I expect she'll be back in Exeter.

Offline PaintBrush

Great review.

Absolute disgrace  :angry:

She's down Exeter way and does not look likely be coming back to Bristol.

Seen her a few times and always had a great time.

Well disappointed.

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