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Author Topic: Martina or Sweet Antonella (Edinburgh)  (Read 389 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/3453074 or https://www.adultwork.com/SWEET+ANTONELLA


Desperate for a booking but not many options, then saw Martina on Escort Scotland and decided to try and book for a 15min quickie for £40.

Contacted her and asked what services available, asked if owo, french kissing, reverse oral and fingering available, was told no french kissing but light kissing.

Well used flat on Easter Road, was given the flat no. for across the road but I just kept asking for the flat no. and eventually she give it to me and let me in.

Was greeted by Martina just wearing a dress gown which was completely open, it would have been nice to see her in lingerie and heels.

The pictures are her but are they accurate? Tricky one as the photos look like a professional shoot, she was much more natural looking and not covered in makeup which is what I like, she's not a slim as in the pics so I suspect they were taken a few years ago but she's still attractive has a good figure.

Is she 24, no, would say she's a bit older, maybe late twenties, her Escort Scotland URL would suggest she's older.

Is her English good, no, communication was difficult and she clearly didn't understand much of what I was saying (or that was the act) but she did seem genuine and I think she just doesn't understand much English. She did say it was someone else doing the bookings, I suspect it would be X Vanessa Escort XX as I saw her in the same flat.

Said she was Italian but pretty sure she's Romanian.

Was going to start with some owo but started to put the condom on, said she agreed with owo but she said this was extra, whether that was because I was only there for 15min I don't know. OW was actually pretty good.

Then on to some reverse oral, fingering (but I needed to wear a condom on my fingers - a new one for me) then finished with sex and she was ok with taking a good pounding.

I would return but it would be nice to see her a bit more dressed up.

Not sure how to rate it (it's always difficult with quickies as you're there for such a short time), her profiles do say owo, french kissing and fluent in English so that would be a negative as she doesn't deliver on them but I don't feel she deserves a negative - and since I would return, so will give her the benefit of doubt.

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