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Offline mediumjoe

aw 3202366 sorry could someone do the clever bit for me
One hour meet in leeds £100   owo-no anal but not my thing
My first report so here goes .Semi in ok area no nosy neighbors lots of free parking comms good
After much research decided on Debbie  fit looking right age and trimmed pubic hair which is one of my things [def a nat blonde by the way] "classy" photos ,independent ,own home -not a conveyor belt hotel meet - It def was her ,I would say photos were recent and accurate, in the flesh she looks perhaps 50 - have you ever  had one that doesnt knock a bit off ? Debbie wasnt wearing what I had requested but in the end it didnt matter Reports elsewhere had said she was too thin -she says she has put weight back on since then and I thought she was just right
Very easy to get on with,a nice genuine friendly lady who obviously enjoys her work . owo cowgirl and mish to finish, probably not the lady for you if you were looking for pse and anal etc .
New to this & due to my age and condoms and the oh hitting the menopause havent had a satisfactory finish in 3 years [this was my 6th wg] what does oh stand for by the way  old   harridan?
 So went on the  They Fit condom website [95 sizes] and it was obvious why i was having problems it seems I am a very lucky boy 7 inches long and 6 circumference Bragging? You have no idea of the problems it can and does cause .Condoms and cialis arrived-have found half a 10mg works a treat could still detect some effect a week later
So fresh unopened packet, Debbie expertly fitted one and yes they do fit, no longer being strangled, blood flow would have to be at a hell of a pressure to counteract the squeezing effect of the one size fits all condom that is normally used-hardly noticed these new ones and could actually feel what was happening .Shagged to completion in mish with her legs over my shoulders whilst she frigged herself off .Bloody marvelous -fantastic feeling to be back in the saddle again. Nice cuddle and a play ,cup of tea and back up the motorway. Highly reccomended

4 review(s) found for Carmel-x-snow linked to in above post (4 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Good job Joe.
Welcome to the forum.
Now all you need is some liquid silk lube and you're set for the next lucky lady  :hi:

Offline mediumjoe

Thanks for the greeting Tantric. Am finding ukp so very helpful and the anonymity means that you can discuss things that would normally be very difficult without a whole lot of beer, cheers

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