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Author Topic: CURVY ANA WEST DRAYTON  (Read 1228 times)

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Comms- by phone and text

Location- West Drayton. Modern Apartments

Time - 30mins £60.00

Appearance- Curvy Ana is polish and has blonde hair, tanned all over and very smooth skin. Good size tits, Ass on the larger side which I really like. I wouldn't say she is overweight, but definately CURVY. Perfect body for me! PROBABLY LOOKS BETTER IN PERSON THAN THE PHOTO'S.

Service- Started with OWO and finished with Doggy, allowed fingers.
Not really much more I can say apart from she provided the service but probably wouldn't return as didn't feel comfortable with her and i was relieved to leave (Not really anything negative, I just had that gut feeling)

Negatives- parking in the area is a little tricky as it is mainly residents only. But there are some side streets from which you can walk. If you are coming by train do a bit of research as there are some short cuts to getting there otherwise it would take a while on foot.

14 review(s) found for Curvy Anabelle linked to in above post (8 positive, 3 neutral, 3 negative)

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