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Hi All,

Second review, so still working on my reviewing skills,

so this time I went and seen one of the favourite on the forum in BrunetteBarbieBrooke (https://www.adultwork.com/2868644 or https://www.adultwork.com/BrunetteBarbieBrooke) for a 30 min incall. She is someone that I have been looking to book for a long time but always seems to be busy. I have a tendency to book for the same day, so not normally in advance as I think the nerves would consume me if I did.

So I email BBB on AW and get a speedy response saying she was available (thankfully) and could pencil me in for later that day. After reading all her reviews I was super excited to go and meet her.

So at the designated time I headed out Blyth way to see her, got a quick response when I arrived to my text and went into her apartment. Her apartment is in a very nice area, and felt good and secure with my car and didn't feel like neighbours were watching.Brooke is a good looking girl, and as mentioned previously by other punters, has put on a bit of weight compared to her pictures but this was not enough to make me disappointed or turn away, she's still a good looking girl was a great personality, which made me feel at home straight away.

She was in a pink and black underwear set, and as soon as I was in her apartment she wanted me to "snog" her, to which I wasn't going to say no. This was DFK which is a defo on my list when seeing one of the girls. We headed to the bedroom, clothes came off and I went straight to going down on her. All fresh down there and I loved hearing all the groans and noises from BBB so I think she enjoyed it, and then after a while she returned the favour with OWO.

Her OWO is brilliant, lots of DT and eye contact that meant I was not lasting long, so after about 5 minutes I had to ask her to stop and get covered up. We just done missionary, as I was so close to pop, but it was great to see those huge boobs bouncing away and hearing BBB enjoying it, and when close I pulled out and finished on her massive boobs :)

I liked seeing BBB, she's good looking, a great laugh, and knows what she is doing. She had good communication and even when I've emailed and she's busy she has always replied to say she's busy rather than ignore the email on AW like a lot of girls.

Blyth is a bit of a distance but if you don't mind the travel I would defo recommend :)


31 review(s) found for Charlotte Taylor linked to in above post (27 positive, 1 neutral, 3 negative)

Offline Ricco

Thanks TF86, shes on my list

Offline Looking4fun

Good review Seen Brooke a couple of times & always had a great time,she's a top performer

I haven't seen Brooke in some time since I have also been busy but she is my favourite girl by a Country mile. I must have seen her a good dozen times and never been disappointed.

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