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Author Topic: Donna Marie - Nottingham  (Read 48660 times)

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Offline potata72

I'm sure all or at least most of you have heard of ex-Pornstar Donna Marie, well I went to see her earlier in Nottingham and left very disappointed to say the least. 

Profile: https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=314025

I had been considering trying to arrange to see her for quite a while but the way her profile looks made me wonder if it was legit at all to be honest.  But I had seen a couple of posts from someone on the Real Punting Forums saying they had seen her recently, booking her via the number on her profile and that the experience was fine and worth it if you're keen on her, which I was until today.

Communication to arrange the booking was spot on, Donna polite and enthusiastic throughout etc.  Get to her location, she greets me at the Door fine, place doesn't look the best but nothing to set off alarm bells.  Then she takes me up to the Attic whilst telling me she was out partying last night (yay?) and it turns out that's where the "action" would take place.  Nothing wrong with that by itself but the room is freezing, she acknowledged this without any prompt from myself and turned heating on (or look like she did anyway) and also acknowledged the fact that the Bed and Mattress were ridiculously low down, practically on the Floor, again not prompted by myself (unless it was obvious from the way I looked at it).

We get the paperwork out the way (1 Hour, £100). She offers me a drink, I ask for a Water and she brings it me and at this point I'm feeling positive enough.

Accept a Massage from her (as an aside, is this usually a sign that the lass in question wants to limit the amount of sex involved in a meet?), we chat a little while she is doing this.  After a few minutes she starts giving me OWO which felt pretty good, this lasts about 2 minutes and whilst doing this she gets her Boobs our of her Bra, I suck on one of her Nipples for about half a second and she responds in a semi light-hearted manner "careful, I'm sensitive there", I mean what?  Is that even a thing?

After this she puts on a Condom on me and goes on top, feels kinda good but kinda rushed and clumsy-ish at the same time, this lasts about 2 minutes and about half way through the smell of Alcohol Breath hits me.  At one point I started holding her Boobs during this and she quite quickly put my Hands down again.  She then says she needs the Toilet and will be back shortly, saying "it must be the Drink from last night!".

The Alarm Bells in my head are deafening me at this point.  I give it a minute, then get off the Bed and have a bit of my Drink.  I'm hearing a fair amount of noise coming from downstairs but I can't tell what it is because the Music's still on in the Attic and all sorts of horrible thoughts are going through my head as to what could happen next or who could come up next even.

I can't remember how long I waited but it felt like at least 3-4 Minutes before she comes up and says "I'm just gonna be a couple more minutes...I've just had a new Phone delivered so I've got to sign for it...just chill", the last two words I found particularly peculiar, I still don't think I made myself sound disappointed that this was happening at this point although I probably should have done.

A few more minutes past and I've had enough, I get my clothes back on and I start going down.  I get downstairs and she tries to insist in quite a rude tone twice to go back upstairs and she'll be up in a couple of minutes, I look around and I don't see a delivery person, a phone or boxes in sight.  I notice she's got a lighter in her hand.  I tell her politely that I feel uncomfortable and want to leave.  She says "fair enough", unlocks the Door and lets me out.

The only truly bad punting experience I've ever had (so far anyway).  Sorry if this post is a bit long but I'd like to think the detail will help people to watch out for certain things during any punt and I certainly hope it makes anybody reading who are/would consider booking her think twice before doing so.

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Offline MisterP

Sounds like something that could happen to any of us where the reality of being with a pornstar falls waaaay below fantasy. It seems as though you caught her on a very bad day and the booking should not have gone ahead.  Personally I've never been that interested in her.  She seemed too much like the mouthy girl at your skool who simply just ended up in porn. Also is it just me or do those rates seem quite low?

Online kundalini

Thanks for the report. Sorry it was such a nightmare encounter. Makes you wonder about the positive reports she gets from time to time as I've read quite a few horror stories from clients of hers over the last few years. I seem to recall that her "partying" crops up quite frequently in these negative reports.
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Offline saf1976

I've seen her twice, once in 2007 and about a year ago.

In 2007 she was fantastic, just like the movies, just like the Real Punting film of her. Had she not been so far away from me i'd have gone more.

Last year she wasn't as good, she had aged a bit and had a slightly saggy belly, not off putting, just like us all, getting older, wear and tear. That said she wasn't as bad as some of the horror stories like that above. I think she must be hit and miss and I caught her on a better moment.

Probably others worth sending it on tbf.

If it was memorable enough it couldn't have been all that bad

Offline potata72

If it was memorable enough it couldn't have been all that bad

Not sure if this is in response to the review or to the post above yours, but either way that is pretty strange logic, if anything people tend to remember bad experiences more vividly than good experiences.

Offline Thehun10

Donna where's your troosers
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Donnas 'partying', ie borderline alcoholism, is the reason she's strictly D-List in films now.....too unreliable.
Great tits 10 years ago, now, an old banger living on her past to get a few 'tricks'

Offline wristjob

I saw her about 3 years ago. Very strange affair. her body looked awful - all spots, god knows what that was about. She seemed proud of her tits but they were awful saggy bags. The sex side of it was poor, mechanical, distracted. The flip side was her personality - I found her so easy to get on with, absolutely one of the best. I can imagine 10 years ago she would have been amazing and I wish i could transfer that personality to most girls I've seen but we're not really there for personality and charisma are we.

Oh yeah - my only ever outcall. Never would do an outcall again. It's not easy to walk if you don't like what you see but I've done it 2-3 times. Not really an option with an outcall.
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Offline CoolTiger


Your experience is very similar to mine (5~6 yrs ago) and others, who've all said the same thing.
She's well past it, and sadly still trying to flog herself. Her life is in a mess and she really needs to sort herself out.
Although she has a profile and updates it on a regular basis, I believe she also works in a parlour in/near Nottm.
This has not been verfified by anyone yet. 

Offline CoolTiger

No name was mentioned, but I def recall reading about it on some forum, auto-censored perhaps.

There were loads of thread about her on auto-censored.

I saw her in 2009 I think, and my experience was also quite.. odd.

I went to her place near Hucknall, found parking 2 streets away and had to phone her multiple times to finally get the house number. I went and knocked and she invited me in to what looked like a downstairs library/office. She walked me upstairs into, what I would say is an attic room, and I undress after giving her the £60 for half hour. She gives me OWO which was really good, and also got her tits out where I tried to touch and suck and she also said they were sensitive. She put my condom on and asked me to take her from behind which I do for a minute then I ask her to go on top as I don't fare well doggy style. She rides me for a little while and I eventually finish and I enjoyed it. I do recall she mentioned something about drinking, I think she had a vodka and coke in a glass but I couldn't smell it on her.

However, I did see a tag on her left leg, which made me wonder a bit at first, but it was all alright.

I must admit I did enjoy myself a couple of times over both her profile writing, and her pictures. I used to really enjoy reading/looking.
However, I have grown a bit now and moved on from that stuff.

Offline Steve2

A shame she has gone downhill from her "heyday"

Resurrecting an old thread here but is Donna still escorting? Not wanting to just ignore previous posts about  bad meetings but I've seen her a few times over the past couple of years and didn't have an issue. I no longer have her phone no. and none of her contact details I can find seem to be live any more.

Anyone seen her in the past 6-12 months and have any way to get in touch?

Offline mrh79

Any updates on Dm? Anyone either seen her recently or know if she's working still? Obv know of previous reports and problems but I used to see her quite a lot and we got on really well. Back in the Notts area soon and wondered if it would be possible for a update from locals. Cheers

I first seen her on the tv channel Bravo years ago doing a private porn stars programme where random wana be porn star blokes got to fuck a few porn stars and then got voted out if they were shit band I right fancied her but the version I met of her wasn't very nice but still enjoyed fucking her

I saw her twice in my "Hey Day"

Ticked off the porn star shagged from the bucket list.

First time was actually quite good, she gave awesome OWO.

Second time she had clearly been drinking and had a tag on her leg.... That was totally shite

I saw her twice in my "Hey Day"

Ticked off the porn star shagged from the bucket list.

First time was actually quite good, she gave awesome OWO.

Second time she had clearly been drinking and had a tag on her leg.... That was totally shite
Same here. Booked her for a couple of hours at her apartment back in the day. Nice toy show then almost half an hour of continuous owo before a great fuck in many positions. Couple of years later she was in a skanky house on the ring road. Mess of a bedroom and a pretty rushed service. She didn't look too well. Contrast could not have been bigger. Hope she sorted herself out.

Offline mrh79

Yeah i too hope she's sorted herself out. Good memories from back in the day at least and I had some great meets with her. Shame there's nothing positive in recent times though but you guys are right, time to move on! Shame though..

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