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Author Topic: Pippa of York / Wetherby  (Read 1784 times)

Offline Billiboy

About 8-10 years back I used to be a regular of a busty blonde milf who went by the name of Pippa. A lovely person as well, she worked from a number of venues in York and after that in Wetherby. I went off the radar for a while and lost touch. Does anyone know what happened to her or even better any contact details? Would to to re establish contact!

Offline Allnewman

Think I saw her did she have fake tits and also work at Cosmo in leeds

Offline Allnewman

Did she call her self Jodie as wel

I used to see her an awful lot.
My favourite WG ever. We met at least weekly for a long while.

She had a place on Holgate Road in York in those days, but I'm talking 2000/2001. Then moved to Wetherby. Did some work in Harrogate. Started a little group in Leeds.

She jacked it all in around 2003 or 2004 as she settled down. She had two kids from her marriage and her daughter I see occasionally. Not for the same thing! Just in passing. She doesn't know I know her. She visits York occasionally and looks so much like her mother!

Pippa was a bloody cracker!


Offline Andy cap

She definitely not working now pity I also thought she was the best ever her cat  together were fantastic  :lol:

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