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Author Topic: Euphoria Massage - Eastcote  (Read 3717 times)

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Offline bungry


Have not been to them for a while, and to be honest stopped going at the time because the service went crap.

£100 for 1 hour for the Double Intense Massage with Alex and Jennifer.  I normally only pay max £80 for the hour as a B2B but this was with 2 girls, cum twice.

They have moved from the Northolt branch to Eastcote in a small detached bungalow.  Massage room clean with clean paper sheets on mattress, show good and warm and clean.

Started with Alex.  Pictures 100% accurate, I would say she is about 32 years old. Asked if I wanted a shower, I said I had already had one from home.  She was OK with that.  Started massage on my back with really hot oil (just the way I like it) for about 1 minute.  Very flirty ....did not even do normal massage first, just went straight for B2B.  Told me I could cum twice with her but she knew that dick machines needed recovery.  I said I will try and cum again but I am only a 1 pop guy in 1 hour.  Any after about 10-12 minutes asked me to turn over and straight to B2B....very flirty and chit chatty.  I felt easy with her.  Told her to lay on my side and massage me....felt her pussy from behind and she laughed it off and said to make my hands behave.  Nibbled her neck and kissed her cheeks.....I reckon I could have gone further with this but that is not what I am there for (ie no sex/ FK etc).  Came loads and then she carried on with massage.  After 30 minutes asked me to take a shower for Jennifer.

Had shower and Jennifer walked into room with me.  Undressed.  Face is really nice (with nice eye makeup).  About 23 years old, pictures of her are accurate although slight tummy flab.  Nothing to worry about though....She was pretty and spoke perfect English.  I actually thought she was Polish and I said it to her that I thought she was Polish...and she said she was.  Noticed slight accent afterwards.....she has lovely hands and nails.  Anyway when she started the massage she went straight for B2B and was really grinding her pussy on my bum....Kept going with B2B slides and more grinding and grinding....and I thought she better not do this on my front else it will be practically sex.  Asked me to turn over and started wanking me.  I thought she is never going to make me hard and cum after the first pop but within 2-3 minutes I was rock solid.  That was a first for me in the last 5 years or so.  Brushed her pussy a little here and there but made me cum again with a strong climax.  Carried on with massage and had a good laugh about something (which I won't go into).  Asked me for a shower and left.

Only slight negatives.....I would have like Jennifer to be more sensual....more eye contact and she has lovely eyes.  And the only other thing was that when I left Alex was sitting on sofa and did not get up to say bye....Jennifer saw me to the door but she was blowing kisses to me right next to me.  Would have been nice to have a quick peck on the cheek.

Would I return, yes, but I would like to see Nina and Jennifer next time....

Sorry for the rushed review...

Offline bungry

I mean...I thought Jeniffer was English from her talking and look, but she was actually Polish....

Offline bestbefore

Do they offer extra services there? OWO/DFK/FS. Nowhere on their site do they refute this and their secrecy in not giving out an address suggests more might be on offer...

is their new place close to station?

Offline bungry

New place is 2 minutes walk from Eastcote station....they don't offer extra services.....No FK, Oral etc etc....

Offline Curtis

I visited recently (it's about a 5 minute walk from Eastcote station) and saw Alex for the one hour B2B service for £80 and she was excellent.
Had a shower first then laid face down on the mattress and hot oil was applied and within minutes she was sliding up and down my body with her hands sliding between my nether regions 😀😀
Eventually I had to turn over and she made me pop for the first time and i still had 30 mins left,she cleaned me up then started B2B on my front with a little light FK and plenty of eye contact and with her pussy grinding close to my old chap it was not long until I popped for a 2nd time
I think DFK will depend on how you get along with the girl but a full service is definitely a no no as is OWO
I will definitely be back to see Alex again
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Offline Massboy

Jennifer is now at Mayas Massage in Hammersmith

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