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Author Topic: Little Natalia - Sheffield  (Read 2528 times)

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Having sent the morning outside in the poring rain I decided to treat myself before going back to the office. I wanted to see a maximum size 6 girl so initially call Petite Karolina however she was busy so took a punt on Little Natalia who started in Sheffield yesterday. Looking at her profile I was dubious but the fact she was polish and ticked my other boxes I thought id give it a good, I could always walk. So I booked 30 mins for £60. I am pleased to say I was pleasantly surprised when she opened the door.


Communications: 8/10 Only spoke to her briefly on the phone to check she was free, she immediately text her address. English was very good.

Location: 8/10 A flat at the back of West Street close to town. There is the QPark just down the road which usually has spaces and is only £1:50 for the first hour.

Appearance: Face: 9/10 Natalia is very pretty, big green eyes and a very nice smile. Straight shoulder length black hair quite emo in style. Not curly like her AW profile.
Body: 8/10 She is very slim and definitely a size 6 her height is about 5'3" as stated and she looks very early 20s but could pass for younger. B cup with nice big nipples and an ok arse. Her legs and stomach are well toned but her bum and arms are not. Another variation on her AW profile is that she is fully shaven not natural and she has a tatoo of some writing across her shoulders at the back. Pretty much bag on what I wanted, the fact that she is pretty was a bonus.

Services: 9/10 I wanted vanilla GFE and she seemed very pleased to hear this when I told her. I dont know if this is due to the short notice or if she prefers it. RO, OWO and DFK.

The experience: I arrived about 10 mins after she confirmed she was available. I was buzzed straight in and was very pleased when Natalia opened the door she was wearing a silk dressing gown and looked great. She lead me to the bed room where we sorted out business and then she asked me to take a shower, she had a stereo on playing R&B in the bedroom. The bathroom was clean and there were plenty of fresh towels and mens shower products.
Once out of the shower i returned to the bedroom and waited a few moment before Natalia returned. She closed the door and dropped the dressing gown to the floor, revealing that she was naked. She climbed on to the bed to sit next to me and we began some very good DFK with plenty of touching. I then explored her body leading to some RO, she was very clean and seemed to enjoy this. She then gave me OWO which was good but not as deep as I really like it, she worked me with her mouth without taking a break for quite a while though which impressed me.
Then on with the condom and into cow girl then into sitting moving to the edge of the bed and then again into her on her back and me standing at the side of the bed, all  without withdrawing (thats why I love skinny light girls ;) ) Whilst Natalia was on  her back she brought her legs right up so I could get deeper. We eventually changed to doggy for a bit before moving back to her on her back and me standing. Where I shot my load, she seemed to be there as well.
Natalia had made some noises throughout which seemed believable so she was very good in this respect.
Natalia passed me some tissue to clean myself up and then I had a shower before saying goodbyes. I was in and out of her apartment in 40mins.

My criticisms of Natalia are that she wasnt very chatty, although she was very smily and responded when asked a question, but there wasnt exactly any flowing conversation. To be fair it was very short notice so maybe she just wasnt in the right frame of mind. Also her profile isnt up to date on AW, not that its a problem now Ive seen her but it is annoying to those that havent.

Also her profile says she smokes however there was no smell on her or in the bedroom.

All in all I was very satisfied and I think I will see her again, maybe with notice and then I can see if the conversation is better. She says shes in Sheffield for the long term.

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Offline gilou

Saw Natalia yesterday and had an experience similar to that of Maverick in his review above. In short, I thought she was bloody lovely.

Comms: Called on the off chance that she would be free. Was about 12:40 and was making my way through town on foot. No answer initially so put my phone back in pocket only to take it out a few mins later to find out I had a missed call from her and a text asking for me to text back. Asked if she was free for 1:00 and she replied that she was and sent address details so headed down there.

Venue: Apartment on Trippet lane. Easy to get to, was on foot so called when I arrived and was buzzed in to the flat. Even though it was lunchtime, the street was quiet and felt quite discreet.

Meeting: Knocked on the door there was a brief pause asI could hear Natalia rushing around inside before the door opened and I was invited in. My first reaction was wow she was small on the short side of 5ft, straight black hair as Mav mentioned, beautiful big green eyes, lovely smile, clean and polite with a cheeky smile.

Was initially going to book for 30mins but after a quick chat extended to 1hr for £100. Handed over the cash and was offered a shower. God I hate the showers in these new builds, always feel damp and look shoddy like they are going to fall apart. On the plus side a stack of fresh towels was available.

Got into bedroom and discussed what we like and dislike. Asked for OW as I usually do these days which was fine with her and Natalia mentioned she doesn’t do anything too kinky and provides more of a GFE. Started kissing, man she likes kissing. Had her naked on top of me and had a chance to explore her body. Nice torso and legs, bum and boobs could be a bit perter but to be honest didn’t really mind. She tasted great, and was great to move around and position. Had mentioned about oral but it totally slipped my mind as soon as I saw her sweet little pussy. God it was good, small, fresh and shaved I licked and fingered her until she came.

Onto the fucking so on with the condom and doggy first but this is my nemesis and don’t last long so moved to mish. Had those big eyes looking up as I pounded away, she really did make great eye contact throughout, and again great to hold onto that little bod whilst fucking. Finished in mish and climbed of and cleaned up.

She was relaxed and chatty in between and knows how to have a giggle. After 15mins was ready to go again, DFK again and after a few mins reached back down to give her pussy a rub which was still soaking. Instant boner…On with the rubber again and missionary all the way, her legs held apart then up near her chest for some nice deep strokes. Am above average size and she took a pounding no problem. Some light anal play and fingering of her bum which is ridiculously small and tight, don’t think I even managed to get the end of my finger in there in the end. After 20mins or so I finished with another great orgasm.  :lol:

She has some face pics on vivastreet but does look prettier in person. A small and cute package and easy to get along with. She mentioned she has a friend coming to stay (and work) in the flat from today so may be worth checking out.

Overall: A very good 8/10 but probably more like 9/10 considering the current state of the Sheffield scene.  :dash:

Sounds like you had an even better experience than me  :drinks:

I realise I didn't mention the eye contact which was excellent. I think she will be kept very busy if she can keep this level of service up.

Offline 100punts

Thanks for the reports.
Going to give her a call very soon after reading these.

Offline gilou

She was a good punt after a couple of dire ones.


Looked bored out of her mind and couldn't keep a conversation going and...


Left me waiting outside 20mins in the pissing, freezing rain only to tell me she didn't hear her phone ring. By that time I had fucked off.  :diablo:

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